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Salis case, La Russa: ‘Is he anti-fascist? I defend his rights.’ The father: ‘I expect progress’ – News

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Salis case, La Russa: ‘Is he anti-fascist?  I defend his rights.’  The father: ‘I expect progress’ – News

Meeting in Milan between the President of the Senate, Ignazio La Russa and Roberto Salis, Ilaria’s father who will also see ministers Tajani and Nordio on Monday. “It was a friendly and empathetic meeting – reported Salis – We have full convergence on the strategy to be adopted and as a family we are confident that the path taken is the right one”. “Now – he continued – for Ilaria’s good and for the defense of her dignity and his rights, the family asks everyone to tone down the political controversy and we ask that any attempt to exploit the case cease”.

From the meeting with Tajani and Nordio, Salis added, I expect steps forward to be made on the path undertaken in the last week”the. As for the guarantees to be sent to Hungary, “I think the Ministry of Justice is working”, he concluded.

The one with Roberto Salis for the President of the Senate was “A very polite meeting. Remember that before becoming a politician I am a criminal lawyer, a prison lawyer. So for me it is not difficult to identify with the father’s desire, first of all, that the dignity of the accused daughter is respected“. This is how Ignazio La Russa described the meeting with Ilaria Salis’ father in his law firm in Corso di Porta Vittoria in Milan. “Starting from this, the closeness was immediate and spontaneous”.

“Beyond the merits of the trial on which I cannot naturally say anything, I express my strong opinion on the girl’s right to dignity in the display of the famous chains, which exist in many countries and partly also in Italy. The important thing is that there is no display of the ways in which safety is ensured.” To those who asked him if he defends “an anti-fascist militant”, La Russa replied “yes, because it has nothing to do with the merit of the matter”. President La Russa explained that “we are talking about an Italian who, beyond the judgment one may give, her ideas, and the way she translates her ideas, whether the fact is true or not that she participated in that expedition, she is however an Italian citizen for whom it is right that her personal rights should be protected”.

The house arrest decision for Ilaria Salis “does not relate to the degree of responsibility for the disputed facts, whether they can be granted, and the fact that they rejected them but examined them means that in theory they can be granted. I am not against it, on the contrary, I am extremely in favor of it. But then the Hungarian judiciary decides freely” continued La Russa. “The house arrest decision cannot be ours. For example, there may be the availability of a place in Hungary, awaiting a possible request in Italy, and it could be the embassy.”

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“Politicizing this situation, by anyone, is wrong, if one cares about respecting the rights of the girl accused in Hungary. We need respect first of all for the Hungarian judiciary, respect and the strong request that its rights be guaranteed as we recognize them in Italy”. Thus the president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa, after the meeting with Roberto Salis, father of Ilaria. “The more we do it together, and I believe that this is also the father’s will, the more we will have the possibility that this will be an achievable result – added La Russa -. We all need to tone it down if we care about people’s rights.”

This is for house arrest. the debate on the case in the European Parliament on Monday

In the meantime, it’s about the precautionary house arrest in Italy a Ilaria Salis, with the possible application of measures such as the electronic bracelet. The news was reported today by Corriere della Sera e Republic. Meanwhile, the case reaches theEurocamera. MEPs will debate the case of the Italian citizen detained in Hungary on Monday afternoon in the Chamber.

The Ministry of Justice is working on a report, to be made available to the defense in the next few days, with which Italy would undertake to guarantee ‘maximum security’ – writes Repubblica – if the woman were granted house arrest in Italy. ‘”Electronic bracelet, supervision and commitment to have her participate in all the trial hearings scheduled in Budapest” which, calendar in hand, would not end before 2025.

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After three requests rejected by the Hungarian judge on the grounds that the accused was in danger of fleeing – explains Corriere della Sera – the lawyers are waiting for support to attach to a new request for precautionary house arrest; so as to be able to offer the judiciary, directly from the Italian government, guarantees that overcome the reasons for previous denials. The offices in via Arenula are working on this.

The story of Ilaria Salis is at the top of the agenda of next week’s plenary session of the European Chamber in Strasbourg. MEPs will debate the case of the Italian citizen detained in Hungary on Monday afternoon in the Chamber. “Without prejudice that as regards criminal law it is the competence of the member states, Hungary has signed up to the European Convention on Human Rights, therefore the conditions of Ilaria Salis are a problem that also concerns the rule of law in Hungary”, explained the PD MEP Mercedes Bressoduring the pre-plenary briefing of the Italian MEPs.

For the Green MEP, Rosa D’Amato, “opening a debate on the status of prisoners in the EU is in itself a good thing, furthermore it is necessary to defend Ilaria as an Italian citizen regardless of the accusations”. However, the Northern League member expressed herself against European interference in the issue Paola Ghidoni, who underlined how “it is not nice to see an Italian citizen in chains, but criminal matters remain the responsibility of the states and there cannot be EU interference”. The M5s MEP has the opposite opinion, Mario Furore, who said he was “disappointed by the response of the spokesperson of the EU Commission to the fact that individual legal cases are not commented on”. Furore then underlined that “Ilaria’s is only the tip of the iceberg on violations of the rule of law in Hungary”.

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