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Saška Karan obsessed with reality starlets | Entertainment

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Saška Karan obsessed with reality starlets |  Entertainment

Saška Karan believes that starlets have no place in reality shows, and that in reality shows everyone should have tasks to fulfill, like they used to do on Farma.

Source: Kurir TV

Saška Karan was a guest on the show “Puls of Serbia” on Kurir TV, where she touched on the topic of reality shows and the banning of them on national television, and she gave a special space in her comments to starlets who did not spare criticism.

I am not in favor of censorship and banning anything. I am against censorship, because I myself was banned by individuals when they were in power. I’m not a pet, sometimes they call me, nor did they pity me in the reality show. The farm is something I vote for and love. You had real VIPs there. You didn’t have starlets there or, I don’t know what to call them, let them be starlets. They prevailed, they and the criminals. Not that, it should be VIP. To work, to have a task. If, as a landlady, I tell you to go clean the pigsty, you should do it“, said Saška Karan in the show.

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“I’m a woman from the people and all with nails this big, pumped up, swollen… She also says she’s a singer, she recorded a song. Sea, I would lock everyone in a mine with those claws made of nails, so that he could dig there and make money that way“, added the singer and former participant of the reality show.


“MORE, I WOULD SEND THEM TO THE MINE WITH THOSE NAIL CLAWS” Saška Karan has never been more brutal than the Serbian starlets from the reality show
Source: Kurir TV

Source: Kurir TV

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