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See what Ostoja Mijailović’s home looks like Sport

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See what Ostoja Mijailović’s home looks like  Sport

Take a look at the home of Ostoja Mijailović, the president of Partizan.

Source: MN Press/Instagram/Biznispriče/Screenshot

President of Partizan Ostoja Mijailović he was a guest on the show “Dan with a Millionaire” as part of the “Business Stories” podcast, during which, among other things, he showed what his home looks like. Mijailović presented the business model he implemented in Partizan, and he also spoke about his well-known private business.

“I managed to insert that note of business into sport. These were consumer associations, which only received money from the state and which spent without knowing and feeling what it’s like to earn money. Sport is a very big business all over the world So, basketball is not a profitable business, but we can say that it is a business.” said Ostoja Mijailović in the show, which will normally be published on Friday.

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Ostoja Mijailović showed his home: He doesn’t live in Belgrade, the property is worth millions, take a look! (VIDEO)

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Mijailović also showed a part of his life that is not available to the public and explained why he does not live in Belgrade: “It’s been 30 years since I realized that this is actually a privilege, not living in the city, at 40 degrees in Belgrade and working 12 hours every day. That was the first car I bought when I was 22, 23 years old”said Mijailović.

See also what Ostoja Mijailović’s home looks like:


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