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Silvestre Dangond revealed that he was an empanada seller before becoming a vallenato star

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Silvestre Dangond revealed that he was an empanada seller before becoming a vallenato star

Silvestre Dangond said that he sold empanadas in Valledupar, before becoming a singer – credit Elsa Barrera/Infobae

There are life stories behind each celebrity, such as those who said that at some point in their life they sold clothing and accessories and little by little they emerged with their objectives. Probably, Silvestre Dangond’s is one with which his followers most identify, because before being a successful singer, he went through, as they say on the street: “The toughest and the toughest.”

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Recently, the interpreter of Las locasmines or Niégame tres tiempo was a guest on the morning program Día a Día, where he told details of his origins in the vallenato guild. Dangond, who caused controversy for his presentation at the ‘El Campín’ stadium, revealed that he sold empanadas in the capital of Cesar.

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The singer confessed that he stayed in Valledupar tending to the empanada business, due to the separation of his parents – credit EFE/Prensa Silvestre Dangond

According to his story, before appearing on the most important stages “he sold empanadas at the Valledupar transportation terminal,” because his parents had left him there after separating. He revealed that he stayed “attendant to the chuzo”, where you could get stuffed potatoes, empanadas and other things.

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But this was not the only complication that the vallenatero had, since he had to live for a long time inside the small place. Even in his conversation with the presenters of Día a Día, he assured that it seemed to him that the guild of coteros and transporters had something that kept mystery and darkness.

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“That place was dangerous, and the truth is I connected with a difficult and dark world, I also realized things about drinking, which I didn’t like, that was very strong for me,” he added in his conversation with the aforementioned program.

The urumitero is the target of criticism due to his presentation at the ‘El Campín’ stadium in comparison to Dua Lipa – credit tristedangond / Instagram

However, not everything was bad for the singer, because although he felt that at times he would lose the war with his dreams, he also experienced moments of happiness in the small space of the Valledupar terminal. There he met a person named Chino Casete, with whom he got all the music from Vallenato artists.

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One of the anecdotes he remembered was that when he arrived at the music venue he would ask for a song to be played, especially by Jorge Oñate, to which the seller would say: “But buy me, you always come here so I can play your songs and free, no, buy me.”

The vallenato singer aroused the ire of the followers of Juanes and Shakira, stating that they are not the most relevant artists that the coffee territory has produced. And although Colombians have been honored with different awards such as Grammy Awards, Premios Juventud and several Latin Grammys, their talent does not compare with that of Diomedes Díaz.

The singer, nominated for major awards, such as Latin Grammy and Grammy, told the story of when he was performing a song by Diomedes and responded to a pianist that the one born in La Junta (La Guajira) was the best artist in Colombia: “ That’s the song of the greatest in Colombia,” but the pianist replied: “No, it’s Shakira.”

The vallenato artist asked the audience to support the singers of the genre without comparisons with other artists – credit Elsa Barrera/Infobae

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However, Silvestre refuted: “’What Shakira’, I told him; ‘neither Shakira, nor Carlos Vives, nor Juanes, the greatest thing that Colombia gave birth to is Diomedes Díaz’.

The vallenato singer gave the reasons for considering the interpreter of La Plata as one of the greatest artists in the country: “Diomedes Díaz was a natural artist, without education, a wild artist of fauna, regardless of the town, he is the artist who grew up watching the light of a burner, seeing the light of the moon, then he had a lot of story to tell and even with his death Diomedes Díaz will be unsurpassed,” said the Colombian.

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