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“So I registered the domain”

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“So I registered the domain”

Florence, 23 April 2023 – “Marketing is a serious matter, don’t worry, we took care of it”. With these words Philip Giustini42 years old, professional volcanic from San Piero a Sieve, 10 minutes of bends from the Mugello racetrack, pressed on the accelerator and passed Enit, the National Tourism Agency.

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It is he who, with a lightning blitz, has registered the opentomeraviglia.it domainwhich was supposed to host the international campaign starring the Botticelli’s Venus in influencer version. But that, someone in Rome, after the investment and the launch, forgot to secure it with a registered domain. What Giustini, owner of the Marketing Toys agency based in Mugello, did instead. For alone 4 euro e 99 cent.

It is he who tells it. “I am with a colleague and her husband for a few days relaxing in Paris. Yesterday evening (Friday, ed) we were waiting for a concert to start and I was thinking about the controversies I had read about the Enit campaign. I started to see if it was free the domain”. Giustini also reconstructs it with irony, in a sort of marketing lesson to professionals of the Ministry, right on opentomeraviglia.it where, until yesterday, anyone who clicked could read these words. “20.00. Two marketing consultants were in Paris. 20.03. Filippo (one of the consultants) is intent on ‘spilling’ on his smartphone when he jumps in his chair: “Oibò, but the domain is free!“ 20.04: A that point Gaia (the other one who is obsessed with business models) taken by a spontaneous enthusiasm, gets up from her chair and yells “Register it now!”. The rest is history”.

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But how was this possible? “Call it forgetfulness – she smiles – seems like a kindness to me. It’s like giving birth and forgetting to name your child.” Giustini was not the only one to have this idea. Another person had announced that he had recorded it by pointing to a well-known porn site. “Evidently- he says- we’ve done it before and our registration was successful”.

And now? “I don’t know, honestly, let’s see. For now we have filled the page writing about marketing, of how it should be done, maybe it’s a bit convenient for everyone. Then let’s see if we’ll be contacted”. Are you willing to negotiate with the Government? “Let’s say we haven’t asked ourselves many questions, but if someone contacts us, I’ll have a chat with anyone, even with Santanché. On the contrary, we could invite you to Mugello, at least let’s give our territory some visibility”.

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