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Sports, Football | Haaland enters the ownership side of a hair knitting company

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Sports, Football |  Haaland enters the ownership side of a hair knitting company

Together with Team Haaland and the investment company Øgreid, Bon Dep will now take the next step with the goal of becoming a world-leading house of brands.

They say so in a press release on Tuesday.

Bon Dep was established as a wholesaler of interior items by Vibeke Grønseth in 2012 with the sale of cushions in Liberty fabric, knobs and small toilet folders, while her husband Lars Grønseth later became part of the team.

In 2015, Bon Dep received the distribution rights for the Kknekki hairband, and in 2018 they took the plunge and started selling abroad. The company has had a solid development and turnover of NOK 97 million in 2023, with much of the growth coming from Kknekki in markets such as Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Benelux and France.

As part of the further growth strategy, they have entered into an agreement with footballer Erling Braut Haaland, who will now become a minority shareholder in the company. In addition, Bon Dep has acquired the Stavanger-based investment company of the Øgreid family on the ownership side, with Øgreid becoming the company’s largest investor. The aim is to double turnover within four to five years through sales to foreign markets.

– I am proud to join the ownership side of Bon Dep. I myself have used Kknekki for several years and it is the world‘s best hair tie, says Erling Braut Haaland.

– Our strategy is to join cases we like for one reason or another, together with actors who have shown over time that they are skilled and serious in what they do, continues Egil Østenstad in Team Haaland.

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Bon Dep’s Kknekki has become a well-known favorite both in Norway and abroad. Together with Team Haaland and Øgreid, they will now take the next step on the road to becoming a world-leading house of brands.

– The purpose of bringing Haaland to the team is primarily to work together to scale Kknekki further in Europe and in the rest of the world. Haaland and his team have a long-term perspective which is absolutely crucial when we are to develop Bon Dep further in new markets. The success of Kknekki, also called the world‘s best hair knit, has shown what we can achieve from little Norway, says Vibeke Grønseth, founder and general manager of Bon Dep.

Bon Dep has built a highly scalable business model with a number of digital distribution platforms at the bottom. This allows the Bon Dep team to work quickly and efficiently with customers worldwide. One of the company’s goals is to be the market leader in the technology industry. Bon Dep therefore wants to continue with investments in digitization in order to still have the opportunity to be a flexible and small organisation, in addition to being a world leader in its field. 75 percent of turnover already comes from abroad, and the company expects to launch Kknekki in Eastern Europe, Portugal and Greece within a short time.

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