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Surprising mass murder of 3-year-old girl who escapes nursery school in Thailand | Day Care Center | Shooting

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Surprising mass murder of 3-year-old girl who escapes nursery school in Thailand | Day Care Center | Shooting

[The Epoch Times, October 10, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Li Yan comprehensive report) A three-year-old girl survived a mass murder at a nursery in northeastern Thailand last week. At the time of the incident, she was sleeping soundly under a blanket in a corner of the classroom, so she became the only unharmed child among her classmates.

Reuters reported that she was Paveenut Supolwong, and her family called her “Ammy”. Usually, she sleeps lightly. But at nap time last Thursday (October 6), she quickly fell asleep with a blanket covering her face.

Amy, who was still soundly asleep, may have escaped the catastrophe when the killer stormed the kindergarten and ended up causing a mass murder, her parents said.

On October 6, Panya Khamrap, a former police officer, killed more than 30 people with a knife and gun in Uthaisawan Na Klang, Nong Bua Lamphu, Thailand. Most are children from a local day care center. Amy was the only child present that day who was not hurt.

After the incident, Amy’s mother, Panompai Sithong, was mixed with joy and sorrow. She said: “I’m shocked. I feel sorry for the other families…I’m so happy that my child survived.”

After a killing spree at the nursery, Panya drove his pickup truck into passers-by on the street and shot neighbors in the frenzy for two hours. Finally, after killing the woman and son who lived with him, he also committed suicide.

On Sunday (October 9), Amy’s log cabin was packed. Relatives and neighbors wrapped white threads around Amy’s small wrists as a sign of luck, pinched her little face, and whispered their blessings.

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Amy sat obediently on her mother’s lap, looking around shyly with her big eyes, playing with the two candles in her hand.

Amy’s parents said she appeared to have no memory of the tragedy. After the killer left, someone found her squirming in a far corner of the classroom, with a blanket over her head, and carried her out. So she did not see the bodies of the dead classmates.

But the family had to reveal to her that her beloved good friend, two-year-old Techin, and her teacher were both dead.

“She was asking her grandmother, ‘Why didn’t you pick up Tae Chin from school?'” Panumpa said.

In the wake of tragedy, few in this close-knit community remain untouched.

At dawn on Sunday, the families of the victims came to the temple where the coffins of the dead were kept. According to local tradition, they bring gifts such as food, milk and toys to the dead.

Amy’s mum said she believed the gods protected her young daughter.

“My child doesn’t sleep well,” Panumpa said. “I’m sure some god must have covered her eyes and ears.”

Another relative told local media that Amy’s survival was a “miracle”.

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