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Taiwan’s vice president will stop over in the US. Meanwhile, Beijing announces “military maneuvers near the island”

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Taiwan’s vice president will stop over in the US.  Meanwhile, Beijing announces “military maneuvers near the island”

The exchange of blows continues between United States e Chineseand now there voltage regional in the strait of Taiwan and in the South China Sea it reaches a new high level. August 10th Joe Biden decided to prohibit, by executive order, US companies from carrying out investments in the field ofhi-tech in Chinese, thus subtracting fundamental resources from a technological point of view also for Beijing’s military machine and dealing a new blow in the wake of the chip war and controls on mutual exchanges of technology between the two superpowers. Today the president of the United States himself defined China, an actor with whom an attempt is being made to establish a “rational relationship”, as “a time bomb“. For Biden, the complicated economic situation that the Dragon is facing (with explicit references to “a high unemployment” and an “ageing workforce” and represented by a strong slowdown in exports and domestic consumption) could lead “bad people to make bad deeds” and therefore it is necessary to monitor the situation.

Heavy words, to which, in response, a further provocation coming back from the Chinese military leaders. The Administration for the maritime safety of the Zhejiang has in fact announced a new cycle Of military exercises Chinese off the provincial coast just north of Taiwanwhich will take place from 12 on August 12th, also arranging a ban on transit in some specific areas until 4pm on 14 August. A menacing show of force that does not happen on a random day: in fact, for the next 48 hours a voyage of the vice president Of Taiwan William Lai in Paraguay, where a double is confirmed stopover visit and interview right in the United States. The details of this operation are not yet known, but it is confirmed to all intents and purposes, just as the consequent can be confirmed irritation Of Beijing which, recognizing Taiwan as its own rebel province, does not welcome any move that could increase its diplomatic and relational profile at an international level. It is not the first time that a similar situation has occurred this year, for example April in fact last year, coinciding with the visit of the president of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen in the US, Beijing announced “resolute countermeasures” which brought twenty of its warplanes to fly over the Taiwanese skies.

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It is not clear, let alone predictable, how relations between China and the United States will evolve which, after appearing to have settled on a line of dialogue and mutual understanding, are now once again settling down on a track complicated e you clashwith the fate of Taiwan, and the entire world, in between.

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