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The ex-manager immediately thought about suicide

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The ex-manager immediately thought about suicide

Cause of death

Death of Freddy Nock: Ex-manager immediately thought of suicide

It was announced on Thursday: The Aargau high wire artist Freddy Nock has died. The Aargau cantonal police have not yet commented on the cause of death of the 59-year-old. Others have their suspicions.

Freddy Nock was 59 years old.

Bild: Keystone

The shock is deep: Freddy Nock died at the age of 59. On Wednesday, Nock was found dead in his apartment in Uerkheim. According to the Aargau cantonal police, there is “no evidence of a crime.” No further information has been published yet. The canton police also do not want to comment on the time of death. According to the public prosecutor’s office, investigations into the cause of death are still ongoing.

As the “Landanzeiger” reported, Nock is said not to have died a natural death. It is currently being clarified whether it was a suicide or an accident. It is also unclear who notified the police, who recovered Nock’s body on Wednesday. According to information from the AZ, the high wire artist would have had to vacate his apartment in Uerkheim on February 1st due to strikes.

While friends, companions and fans mourn, there is also speculation about what happened. Nock’s former manager Ferris Bühler told Tele M1: “I was totally shocked when I found out about his death. My first thought was that he had taken his own life.”

Although the Aargau Higher Court acquitted him of the charge of attempting to intentionally kill his ex-wife, this case weighed heavily on him: “Nobody wanted to use him as an advertising medium anymore, nobody wanted to book him or work with him.”

Ferris Bühler was Freddy Nock’s former manager.

Bild: Screenshot Tele M1

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Bühler last saw him last year: “I met a man who was extremely broken and no longer happy and told me about his worries.” It remains to be seen whether there is any truth to the assumption. The autopsy will show whether it was an accident or even suicide.

Nock’s friend, showman Andreas Bauer, is now mourning the loss of his close friend: “He slept in my caravan and had his place there.” Despite the sad circumstances, he wanted to remember the beautiful moments with the high wire artist. Nock leaves behind four children, as well as many admirers and world records. (zen/fh)

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