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“The Game”: Full disagreement in the “Game” basement

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“The Game”: Full disagreement in the “Game” basement

NB! Do not read on if you have not watched the second episode of “The Game”. TV 2 Play or TV 2 Direct.

This article contains information about what has happened during the first and second episodes and who has been voted out.

Disagree about the terms

When Anette Hoff (62) was voted out, she was close to resigning. She thinks that the conditions in the cellar were far too bad, and felt cheated by the production.

REACTED: Actress Anette Hoff was shocked by the conditions in the basement, and felt deceived by the “Spillet” production. Photo: Pinakkel studio / TV 2

Martine Lunde (28) is also brought to tears in the episode when she sees what she has to do, and what conditions are involved. She came up with nuggets like:

“I feel like I’ve been kidnapped!”

“I’m going to have to be admitted if I’m going to sort beans for four days!?”

“That I laugh at beans… I feel that my life has more meaning than sorting beans. This is going to be the most pointless thing I do in my entire life.”

Lunde tells TV 2 that she was prepared to go home, but when the cellar was waiting for her, she had a stroke.

– I was shocked to be honest. I have never seen a sadder sight in my entire life than when Anette and Erik were sitting down there sorting beans and lentils. The last straw was when Erik said: “Perhaps you will also be lucky enough to get a duvet and a pillow.” And I thought: “My God, I can’t do this,” she says.

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See Lunde’s reaction when she arrived in the basement in the video at the top of the story.

PANIC: The transition from the top floor to the bottom floor was brutal for influencer Martine Lunde in “The Game”. The influencer almost panicked and reacted to zero windows and poor air quality in the basement. Photo: Pinakkel studio / TV 2

Furthermore, the 28-year-old experienced it as claustrophobic.

– I felt an insane feeling of anxiety – only that there were no windows down there. The air was clammy and dense. I felt a real sense of panic, and I’ve actually never experienced that before, she says, but adds that things got better over time.

The two women could not have had a more different reaction than Erik Thorstvedt (61), who enjoyed himself in the basement. As a result, there was a disagreement between the participants about how bad it actually was in the basement. Hoff says that Thorstvedt became the savior for everyone.

– Erik reacted the opposite way, he managed to turn my frustration around. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be down there and production was prepared for me to break. He was able to turn my anxiety and attitude around.

Thorstvedt simply disagrees with the nightmare existence that Hoff and Lunde described when they came down. He says that his immediate thought was: “This is an excellent alternative to going home!”.

– ADVENTURE: Former football pro Erik Thorstvedt welcomed basement life with open arms in “The Game”. He thought it was an interesting experience. Photo: Pinakkel studio / TV 2

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– You get praise for being able to keep your spirits up and “save” Anette. How did you manage to keep your good mood?

– This was an adventure. Getting to live in the basement with these people is not something you get to experience often. We live fairly well-regulated lives, but here we were hit by something completely new. You just have to embrace that.

– Absolutely magnificent

And where Hoff in particular entertained the idea of ​​resigning, once again Thorstvedt completely disagreed.

– I wasn’t close to retiring. I had a great time in there.

For Thorstvedt, there was one thought in particular that became important to keep focus on what was important.

– Many people live much worse lives than we had in the basement. No change in sight. After all, we were there for a limited period of time. We’ll fix that. And then it is necessary to use energy on what you can do something about. I don’t think we managed to laugh it off, anyway!

“The game” is broadcast on TV 2 Direkte at 20:00 every Sunday. The episode is released earlier on TV 2 Play.

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