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The Hong Kong government no longer announces the positive number of rapid tests | confirmed cases | isolation order | cancel

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The Hong Kong government no longer announces the positive number of rapid tests | confirmed cases | isolation order | cancel

358 new cases of nucleic acid positive cases reserved 2,000 places in general outpatient clinics for confirmed cases

[The Epoch Times, January 31, 2023](Comprehensive report by Epoch Times reporters Ye Zeyu and Zeng Xiaoxun from Hong Kong) The isolation order for confirmed cases will be lifted from the 30th, and the Hospital Authority will also stop designated clinics and remote consultation services. Xia Jingheng, chief administrative manager (primary and community medical services) of the Hospital Authority, said in a Hong Kong and Taiwan program yesterday morning that 2,000 places will be reserved for confirmed patients every day in general outpatient clinics. Make an appointment. In addition, the Center for Health Protection no longer announces daily new cases through press releases, but instead updates the data daily on the government’s special epidemic website. On the 30th, there were 358 new positive cases of nucleic acid tests.

Xia Jingheng said that the number of occasional disease consultations provided by general outpatient clinics will be increased to 10,000 per day, and 2,000 places will be reserved for confirmed patients, of which 1,000 places are for high-risk patients, including the elderly and those under the age of 5. Children, pregnant women, people with weakened immunity, etc.

In addition to the general outpatient clinics of the Hospital Authority, there are currently more than 500 private doctors who can prescribe oral drugs for the new crown, and patients with mild symptoms are encouraged to seek medical treatment from private doctors. The 7 “Caring Appointment Lines” will continue to provide services.

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The previous day, the Hospital Authority’s appointment system showed that the reservation quota for patients diagnosed in general departments in some areas was full. Xia Jingheng explained that because the system has just started operation, not all reservation quotas have been opened, and the relevant quotas will be opened one after another. He also said that in recent days, more than 1,000 confirmed patients seek medical treatment every day, and it is believed that 2,000 appointments are enough. The Hospital Authority also said that about 1,000 additional places have been reserved, which can be used when necessary.

Family doctor: Issuing a sick leave certificate depends on the patient’s condition

Lin Yonghe, a family doctor, said in the same program that about 3,000 newly diagnosed patients have been added every day recently. He believes that the 2,000 places in the Hospital Authority plus private doctors can meet the demand. He expects that more patients will seek medical treatment from private doctors. Taking his clinic as an example, it is expected that the number of confirmed patients will increase to 10 per day. Lin Yonghe also said that patients with mild symptoms do not need to take oral medicine, and do not necessarily seek medical treatment from a doctor who can prescribe oral medicine.

In terms of sick leave, Lin Yonghe said that sick leave certificates will be given according to the patient’s condition. If a patient has a fever, he will usually be given 1 to 2 days of sick leave. For a patient whose voice becomes hoarse, if it is a job that requires a lot of talking, such as a teacher, it may be 4 or 5 days. sick leave. When asked if a patient needs to take 4 days or more of sick leave, Lin Yonghe said that he would understand the needs of the patient, and if the patient can recover better before going to work, it is reasonable to take 4 days of sick leave.

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Lin Yonghe mentioned that due to his own circumstances, such as his own age or the elderly with poor health in his family, some private doctors were unable to diagnose the patients. He hoped that the public would understand.

The 5,000 yuan subsidy plan for confirmed cases will stop accepting applications from February 14

The Social Welfare Department announced yesterday that in response to the cancellation of the government’s arrangement to issue quarantine orders to infected individuals, it will stop accepting applications for the “One-off Compassionate Cash Subsidy to Local Patients Confirmed with COVID-19” scheme from February 14. Applications submitted on or before February 13 will not be affected.

The plan has been launched since November 27, 2020, and provides a one-off assistance of $5,000 to infected persons who need to be admitted to public hospitals due to confirmed diagnoses. The Department reminds that eligible persons must submit applications on or before February 13, and late applications will not be accepted; applicants can contact the medical and social service departments of public hospitals if they have any inquiries.

358 more nucleic acid positive cases

Since yesterday, the government has required doctors to report only deaths and severe infection cases, and canceled the reporting mechanism for rapid testing of infected persons. The Department of Health will only publish the number of confirmed nucleic acid tests and the number of deaths reported by doctors and hospitals online. There were 358 new patients who tested positive for nucleic acid yesterday, and five more patients related to COVID-19 died. The Center for Health Protection stated on its website that the figures do not represent all cases in Hong Kong.

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As of January 29, 2023, the cumulative number of cases (nucleic acid test + rapid antigen test) recorded since January 2020 is 2,876,106, and the cumulative number of deaths is 13,333. ◇

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