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The NUC in the European final!

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The NUC in the European final!

Nothing stops the NUC on the continental scene! The Neuchâtel club will compete in the final of the CEV Cup. He won this honor on Tuesday evening by defeating the Poles of Lodz in the semi-final. Winners 3-1 last week away, the Riveraine volleyball players lost by the same score on Tuesday evening at home and in front of 2,000 spectators, but they won the decisive golden set 15-13 in an indescribable atmosphere .

Relive the last two points of the match in live conditions

Strong emotions

Facing the Poles, announced favorites of this confrontation, the Neuchâteloises first experienced a delicate start to the match at the Riveraine. Far from playing badly, Lauren Bertolacci’s girls however made some inaccuracies in the first two rounds. Clumsiness, especially in the service, which comes at a high price at such a level. As a result, the NUC had to let the first two rounds slip away 25-21, 25-21.

Great comeback

From the start of the third round, an even stronger NUC presented itself in front of the 2,000 spectators from the Riveraine. Offering a more varied and more efficient game, the Neuchâteloises put the Poles in their little shoes to easily pocket it 25-17 and come within a small set of the feat. But in a thrilling fourth round, in which the NUC led 22-21, it was ultimately the Lodz team which was able to maintain its hopes by winning 25-23.

Fifteen points for a final

It was therefore in a final “golden set” that this double confrontation was played out. Close, this last round saw the two teams do a series of timeouts and video challenges too, to end up at 13-13. Moment chosen by the NUC to score two points in a row and write a new page of history. “I am so proud of my team. We were underestimated again and again and we proved that we are where we need to be,” underlines NUC player Tia Scambray.

Entering the service for the one and only qualifying ball of the NUC, Alix de Micheli may well keep some great memories. “I saw that it was up to me to serve when it was match point. I just tried to channel all my energy and I took off without thinking too much,” smiles the Neuchâtel player.

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At the end of the dream

Lauren Bertolacci’s troupe will play the first European final in its history. It will be against the Italians of Chieri’76 or the French of Levallois Paris St-Cloud. The first leg will be held on Wednesday March 13 at home, the return a week later in Turin or Paris. The NUC will be determined on the identity of its opponent on Wednesday evening. /msc-gjo-swe

The telegram of this meeting.

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