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The Trønder married a superstar. Now she is an American

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The Trønder married a superstar.  Now she is an American

– I feel so lucky to have two homes, wrote Emma Krokdal (27) on her own Instagram account on Tuesday.

In the post, she is holding an American flag and an envelope with a US government stamp.

Krokdal confirms to Trd.by that she and her husband Dolph Lundgren (66) have become American citizens.

– I had had a green card long enough to apply for citizenship, and Dolph the same, and he really wanted to do it now, so we decided to do it together, she says in an SMS.

– The application process was quite easy compared to the green card process. We only applied two months ago, then we each got a summons for an interview and had to practice 100 questions about US history, politics, rules, etc., and they choose ten random questions at the interview, she says.

It was VG who first mentioned the matter.

Experienced adversity

The 27-year-old originally comes from Rissa in Fosen, but has worked as a personal trainer in Hollywood since 2015.

It was there that she met the Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren, who is known for films such as “Rocky IV” and “Aquaman”.

Krokdal was met with reactions from both private individuals and the media when the relationship with the 38-year-old man became known at the start of 2020.

– Of course there are many people who throw rubbish comments – mostly older ladies. But we have also received a lot of good feedback. As I’ve said before, I only care what our families and close friends think. Everyone else can say what they want, she told Trd.by at the time.

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Emma (24) about the reactions after the relationship with Dolph (62) became known: – Can say what they want

– I love Norway

The adversity they faced was not enough to stop their love. The couple got married in July last year.

Now they have also become American citizens together.

– I will definitely keep my Norwegian citizenship, I love Norway and have my whole family there, and I want my possible future child to have a connection to Norway, says Krokdal.

– I feel very comfortable here in LA. I have learned so much, and am learning a lot all the time. There is so much freedom here to do what you want and be who you want, and you can work on almost anything. As long as you’re good, you don’t need a long education, unless of course you’re a doctor, lawyer or similar, she says and adds:

– Then there is also an absolutely fantastic climate and there is always something fun and exciting going on.

Dolph Lundgren marries Emma from Trønder

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