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The unloading of rice from the regulated family basket begins

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The unloading of rice from the regulated family basket begins

Rice Boat Unloaded for Basic Basket in Santiago de Cuba

This Sunday, a ship carrying 25 thousand tons of rice was unloaded in Santiago de Cuba, with an agile and organized rhythm. The modern technology and equipment of the terminal allowed for the handling of the ship in 15 days with 24 hours of work for distribution through the port, transportation, and internal economy chain, without failures or delays.

Juan Carlos Rossell, Trade Coordinator of the government of Santiago de Cuba, expressed to the Cuban News Agency that this arrival guarantees the seven standard pounds of rice for the month of December for the population, as well as an additional kilogram for those under 14 years of age and people over six decades old, pending the months of October and November. To speed up the distribution process, three pounds of cereal will be placed in the warehouses in the first days and the remaining ones will be placed over the course of the month.

Yamirka Roque, operations director of the Eastern Port Services Company, explained that the unloading was organized in technological processes for automotive transport with a plan of 600 tons per day, the filling of four railway boxes per shift, and 12 containers for the other eastern territories. The benefits that speed up operations include three gantry cranes, four rail accesses to and from the warehouses, a multimodal dock, and other computerized equipment.

In the effort to work efficiently and save resources, 80 stevedores, equipment operators, and loaders will work in shifts, with two warehouses with a capacity for 10 tons each set up to preserve the food. Yordanis Pérez, the general secretary of the union bureau, confirmed the willingness to work efficiently and save resources, stating that the equipment moves depending on the loads. Ismael Fernández, from zone two of the terminal, mentioned that the men have the best download records in the country and now it will be even superior.

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