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They find the body of a man in Cienfuegos

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They find the body of a man in Cienfuegos

The lifeless body of a man was found this Saturday in the Cruces municipality, according to user reports through social networks.

Versions not officially confirmed claim that the deceased was a resident of the La Pedrera neighborhood, belonging to the town’s Paradero de Camarones Popular Council.

“Today at dawn they found the lifeless body of a man around 40 years old, on the Central Highway, near La Pedrera,” the administrator of the Molinos group reported on Facebook. Yamil Cuellar.

According to its sources, the deceased identified himself as Wilber and was a “resident in said community.” At the time of writing this note, the authorities and official media have not offered statements about the disclosed facts.

“The causes of death are unknown. However, several witnesses claim to have seen him last night during the popular festivals that are celebrated in the municipality,” Cuéllar indicated in his publication.

Likewise, he specified that “the criminalistics team collected the body and transported it to the city of Cienfuegos to investigate what happened.” At the moment it is unknown whether the man died of natural causes, due to an accident or as a result of a violent episode.

The wave of violence and crime that spreads through Cuba In recent times it has left several victims in the municipality of Cruces.

At the end of November, A young Cuban of just 18 years old was stabbed to death in Cruces during the celebration of illegal horse races in a rural area of ​​that municipality, as revealed on its website by the official media. The Bow of the Center.

The victim – nicknamed “El Bolito” but whose full name was not mentioned by the aforementioned source – died in the area of ​​the old “Ramón Balboa” power plant, in the popular council of the same name.

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“The incident occurred when, at the end of one of the races, there was an argument with Nany, El Bolito’s twin brother. He, in his eagerness to take the machete from the aggressor, received a stab wound in the chest that ended his life. ” said the aforementioned media.

At the end of January The disappearance of the young woman Yoilén Acosta Torriente was reported in Cruces, a Cuban teenager of just 18 years old. Days later, her lifeless body was found, as confirmed by the independent media La Proa del Centro.

The aforementioned source revealed that The victim’s body was found in a cane field “which is in the area of Tumba Saco, near the skirt of the town of Cruces”, the town where the young woman lived.

Four people were arrested for their alleged involvement in the crime. The detainees would be two women and two men, all young and known to the deceased.

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