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Time stops in Giocattorino.

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Time stops in Giocattorino.

Toy cars from the 70s, robots from the 80s, lead soldiers or from the Atlantic collection, action figures from the latest animated series, board games for adults and children, the Disney Princesses…. welcome to the fourth edition of Giocattorino, held on Saturday 18 March, in the splendid and historic setting of the arcades of Piazza Statuto in Turin.

The event organized by the Casa Malta Association involved many stand-holders who cheered the many visitors with vintage toys, collectibles and rare pieces, not only enthusiasts but also families who took the opportunity to take a walk among memories and emotions in seeing the toys of his own youth again.

A unique event that is becoming an important appointment in the sector, to which operators, shopkeepers, associations but also simple enthusiasts are taking part: it was possible to see the setting up of the lego buildings, the splendid setting of the Subbuteo stadium but also to admire pieces that have become must-haves such as the Castle of Grayskull from the Master of the Universe series, Big Jem’s secret agent van, the legendary and unique Formula 1 car, the six-wheeled Tyrel P34…

There are countless proposals that can be found on the stalls: from modeling (the Hot Wheels toy cars, the war airplane series) to collecting (wrestling characters or the Micronauts), from modern art (the series of puppets from the Funko series or the Pokemon cards) to history (toys, tins or Animated Series LPs). Prices for all budgets from 3 euros for the bags containing the Exogini to 150 euros for Jan Coog’s Starzinger Starcrow.

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The Fair, held outdoors and we underline: FREE, each edition always offers something new, from the participation of the Association in the Doctor Who series, to displays of Star Wars lightsabers, as well as an area dedicated to trying out various society.

Giocattorino is a journey through time, between memories and curiosity, all on a human scale, in which a question, a request, information is enough and a dialogue is immediately established between the participants, becoming an opportunity for the exchange of opinions, moments slumbering in memory. As Pascoli said, the spirit of the child reigns in all of us.

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