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Tragic Collision between Train and Truck Claims Life in Boyeros, Havana

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Tragic Collision between Train and Truck Claims Life in Boyeros, Havana

Title: Fatal Collision between Train and Truck Claims One Life in Havana

Subtitle: Social Media Footage Captures Tragic Incident with Delayed Medical Response

At least one person tragically lost their life following a collision between a train and a truck in Boyeros, Havana, as reported by Cuban internet users. Disturbing footage shared on the Facebook group “Bus & Truck Accidents For more experience and fewer victims!” depicted the aftermath of the accident, revealing an overturned truck and a person trapped underneath.

The eyewitness who recorded the footage captured the distressing sight of a crushed body under the truck while bystanders attempted to assist the injured individual. The circumstances leading up to the accident currently remain unknown.

According to the internet user’s account, medical services allegedly took an hour to arrive at the scene, located in the Mazorra neighborhood near Panamérica in the Boyeros municipality. In response to a query about why the witnesses didn’t attempt a rescue, the author explained in the comments, “We turned the truck, but it was already dead.”

The recorded images showed the lifeless body of an individual donning a green uniform resembling those worn by the Cuban military, lying motionless beneath the overturned truck on the train tracks. Onlookers deliberated whether to provide immediate aid or await specialized services. Shortly after, what appeared to be a local nurse and family doctor arrived, swiftly concluding that the person was deceased after assessing the body.

As of now, the exact causes of the accident and the total number of people involved or injured remain undisclosed. Additionally, the authorities and official media have not reported on the incident, which allegedly took the life of a Cuban citizen.

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There is no available information regarding the vehicles involved. Online reports indicate that the train involved in the collision could be the one departing the Tulipán terminal on November 19, in Tulipán, Plaza municipality, heading towards Rincón, in the Boyeros municipality. The details surrounding the truck’s involvement in the accident also remain unknown.

In a separate incident back in June, a man lost his life after being struck by a train in Las Tunas municipality. The victim, whose identity hasn’t been revealed, was deaf and mute. Likewise, in Urbano Noris municipality in Holguín, two men sadly perished after being hit by a train, supposedly by their own choice.

Another incident occurred in March, where an ambulance was struck by a train on the railway line running through the Dabul district in Guantánamo’s main municipality. Fortunately, no deaths were reported, but the ambulance driver sustained minor injuries.

The lack of official reports and information from authorities surrounding these incidents raises concerns over transportation safety and the urgency to investigate and prevent such accidents in the future.

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