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Trump in Washington court, against him 4 counts for the 2020 elections

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Trump in Washington court, against him 4 counts for the 2020 elections

Donald Trump also pulls straight in the face of his third indictment

Defense and counterattack

Meanwhile, Trump defends himself outside the Chamber. “It is impossible to have a fair trial in Washington, where over 95% are anti-Trump.” Trump himself writes it on Truth Social, a few hours before the scheduled hearing in the federal court of the capital, invoking the transfer of the proceedings to a more “impartial” venue. “The latest bogus case brought forward by Joe Biden the trickster and the mad Jack Smith will hopefully be transferred to an impartial venue, such as the neighboring state of Virginia, where there are no political prejudices,” he said again, proposing the postponement of the trial in the most conservative state. Even Trump’s lawyer, John Lauro, in a television interview explained that he will be asked to transfer the trial: “There are several options, West Virginia is close,” he said, explaining that in this state the electorate, and therefore the basin in which to fish for potential jurors is more “diversified”, while in Washington “95% is for Biden”.

“I need another indictment to ensure victory,” Trump provoked on his social media Truth. “Now I’m on my way to Washington to be arrested for contesting a corrupt, rigged, stolen election. It is a great honor, they arrest me for you », continued the tycoon addressing his supporters.

Then a precise accusation against Biden and the Democrats: «It is not my fault that my political opponent in the Democratic party, the ‘corrupt’ Joe Biden, told his attorney general to accuse the main (by far!) Republican candidate and former president of the United States, me, with all possible crimes so as to force him to spend all his money on defense ». This writes the former president in a post on his social media Truth on the day of his court appearance in Washington. “The Democrats don’t want to run against me otherwise they wouldn’t have started this unprecedented exploitation of justice,” thundered the tycoon.

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Joe Biden will not follow up on Donald Trump’s arrest. The US president himself said so when answering a question from the accompanying journalists after returning from a bike ride to Rehoboth Beach, where he is spending a few days of vacation with First Lady Jill.


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