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U.S. military operations in Afghanistan cast a shadow over peace, Afghan residents: to seek justice from the U.S.

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U.S. military operations in Afghanistan cast a shadow over peace. Afghan residents: we want to seek justice from the United States

September 21 is the International Day of Peace. However, today, many countries and regions in the world have not truly enjoyed peace. Since the end of World War II, the United States has repeatedly waged wars overseas, causing extremely serious casualties and property losses to innocent civilians. Incomplete data show that in Afghanistan alone, since 2001, at least more than 30,000 Afghan civilians have lost their lives in the so-called “anti-terrorism” military operations of the US military.

At the end of August this year, just as the US military evacuated from Afghanistan in a hurry, a suicide bomb attack occurred outside the Kabul airport, killing at least 170 Afghan civilians and 13 US soldiers. The extremist group claimed to have made the attack. However, some survivors said that many civilian deaths and injuries were caused by the US military shooting after the explosion.

The U.S. military subsequently launched a drone air strike against extremist organizations in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. However, many media reported that the air strike resulted in the death of many civilians. In September of this year, the US military finally admitted that all 10 people killed in the air strike on August 29 were civilians.

Headquarters reporter Obaid: Today (21st) is the World Day of Peace. For the Afghan people, peace and stability are more important than gold. The United States has caused a large number of innocent Afghan civilian casualties during the withdrawal process. Not only that, the United States is the leader. The 20-year military operations of foreign troops in Afghanistan cast a shadow over the peace here.

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Fajal, a resident of Afghanistan: When 10 or 12 American soldiers were killed, the US military said we were going to avenge, but when hundreds of Afghans were killed, no one asked about it.

Alash, a resident of Afghanistan: The shooting of civilians does not have human rights. The U.S. military has called for the fight for human rights, but this is not a human rights behavior at all. So many people want to leave here because of employment issues. They need to go abroad to earn money to take care of their children. They were shot.

Families of Airport Victims: We want to seek justice from the United States

Currently, Kabul International Airport, the capital of Afghanistan, has resumed operations, and there is calm inside and outside the airport. But for many people, the chaotic scenes at Kabul Airport last month and the hurried withdrawal of US troops at that time have become scary memories that they cannot forget in their lifetime.

On August 16, Kabul Airport was in chaos. At that time, a US Air Force cargo plane taxied from the airport and hundreds of Afghans struggled to catch up. As the plane took off, witnesses took video of someone falling from the plane.

This scene was spread all over the world along with the scene of the U.S. military’s hasty withdrawal, and became a historical moment when the 20-year chaotic occupation of Afghanistan ended by the United States.

Witness Weitz: I was resting at home and suddenly heard a sound similar to an explosion. I checked that there was no movement around, and then my neighbor yelled to me that something had fallen on the roof of my house. When I got on the roof, I witnessed a terrible thing with my own eyes. I saw two young people fall on the roof.

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According to local media reports, one of the two dead was named Feida, a dentist who was only 24 years old and had a wedding just last year.

Feida’s father Muhammad said that he could not help but imagine what his son experienced in the last few minutes of his life.

Feida’s father Muhammad: We want to ask the United States for justice, and they must give us an explanation, and they must give us justice. Feida is our eldest son. We spent a lot of money to make him a doctor. Now I am unemployed, but I have to take care of more than a dozen people in my family. How can I repay his school loan?

In addition to the tragedy of falling from the plane, at least one person died on the tarmac that day was crushed by a taxiing plane.

His name is Zaki Anwari and he is only 17 years old. He is a rising star on the Afghan national football team.

Zaki’s brother Zakir: Zaki called me after entering the airport. He said he was right next to the plane. After hanging up the phone with me, he called my mother, my mother and me. They tried to stop him, but only 15 minutes later, someone called us on Zaki’s cell phone and told us that he was dead.

Witnesses said that when a US military transport plane was taxiing, Zaki was chasing by the side. Suddenly he was knocked to the ground and died tragically under the plane’s wheels.

The US military later stated that after the US military transport plane landed in Qatar, crushed human remains could still be seen on the wheels, but they did not say how many people were killed as a result.

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