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U.S. State Department spokesperson tested positive for the new crown and has met with the Secretary of State many times

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Original Title: US State Department Spokesperson Tested Positive for New Crown, Has Meeting with the Secretary of State for Many Times

China News Service, September 28, reported that US State Department spokesperson Ned Price confirmed on social media on the 27th local time that he was diagnosed with the new crown and is currently in isolation. US Secretary of State Blincol, who has had multiple contacts with Price recently, also tested for the new crown after Price was diagnosed, and the result was negative.

Image source: Screenshot of Price’s social media account

Price posted on social media on the 27th, “I was diagnosed with COVID-19 shortly after the first symptoms appeared this morning and will be quarantined for 10 days from now. I am not feeling well now, but I am grateful to be brought by a safe and effective vaccine. The protection that comes will prevent me from developing into a serious illness.”

After Price was diagnosed, U.S. Secretary of State Blincol also conducted a new crown test. The US State Department said that as of the morning of the 27th, Blinken’s new crown test result was negative.

According to Reuters, Price held more than six meetings with Brinken in New York during the UN General Assembly last week, including senior officials from Brazil, Britain, Turkey and the European Union.

However, the US State Department did not disclose any details about where Price was infected with the new crown virus.

It is reported that Price is one of the few Biden government officials who publicly disclosed his diagnosis. Earlier, a White House staff member was diagnosed in July, but the White House refused to disclose his identity and stated that it would not disclose the details of breakthrough cases among government employees, or cases still infected even after being vaccinated, unless they had direct contact with the president. .

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