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Udinese transfer market – Laki surprises everyone / The Rossoneri take note

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Udinese transfer market – Laki surprises everyone / The Rossoneri take note

The AC Milan team is closely following the Serbian footballer. Just the team managed by Maldini could start an assault this summer

The Juventus team enjoys a very high level success against a team fighting for the noble areas of the standings. When we talk about Udinese we can certainly realize that we are talking about a club that has a great desire to show off and make a difference from all points of view. After a dark period we returned to fighting for the positions that count and seventh place is once again within reach. Among the many players who are performing above expectations there is one who is ready to take one owner’s shirt even in a big one in our league. Let’s check le ultime su Lazar Samardzic.

The Serbian talent once again demonstrated his incredible abilities from all points of view last night. We’re talking about an ace midfielder who got into trouble two more established midfielders like Sandro Tone them and Ishmael Bennacer. After the game played on these levels, it could be the Rossoneri who try to win a player of this caliber. Udinese is aware of what it has in its hands and the requests are certainly not the cheapest.

The amount of the deal

We know that Juventus is an expensive shop. In fact, for a hypothetical departure of Lazar, millionaire offers will be needed. To date, the basic offer to be able to win a player with these skills should be around twenty million euros. Not only are the Rossoneri ready to fight for this talent, but also Luciano Spalletti’s Napoli has been bewitched by his plays. What is about to arrive is a candidate to be the turning point for a talent that can be defined with one word: predestined. Quickly changing the subject, but staying on the game theme. Don’t miss out on last night’s grades. Here are the report cards <<

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