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UK: Dorset oil spill declared ‘major emergency’

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UK: Dorset oil spill declared ‘major emergency’

An oil spill has occurred in Dorset, in the south-east of the United Kingdom, requiring the authorities to declare the status of a “major incident”. This was reported by Sky News, reporting that the leak comes from the Wytch Farm plant in Purbecks, one of the largest onshore oil fields in Europe. The oil has leaked into the water and the surrounding area, local authorities said.

UK: Dorset oil spill declared ‘major emergency’


The leak occurred in a pipeline operated by Perenco. Locals have been advised not to swim in Poole Harbor or the surrounding area until further notice. Perenco said a “full investigation” will be conducted into what happened.

“Around 200 barrels of tank fluid are estimated to have been released into the water column at Poole Harbour,” port officials said. and soap.” The pipeline was shut down.

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