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Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, pass for the European “club”: this is how they will enter the EU

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Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, pass for the European “club”: this is how they will enter the EU

The European Commission opens the doors of the EU to Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. It is the opinion of the EU executive that these three countries should be granted the status of candidates, a step required for future membership. The move by Brussels does not imply the entry of the three states concerned. The recognition of candidate status, which must be the subject of a vote in the Council, does not produce an automatic expansion of the community to twelve stars, but is the necessary requirement for the start of the necessary negotiations for the candidate to become a member state in a second. moment. A process that takes years, but which in this specific case is a clear political signal and an open challenge to Vladimir Putin’s regime and a strong response to his policies.
Faced with the Russian aggression of Ukraine and the fears that the same could also happen to Moldova and Georgia, the EU tries to attract these and countries to itself and steal from the Kremlin what remains of the old eastern bloc, born of the Cold War and of the then Soviet Union. The Ukrainian president rejoices. Volodymir Zelensky welcomes “the historic decision” taken in Brussels, which he considers “the first step in the path of EU accession that will surely bring our victory closer”. But it remains to be seen how Russia will respond to the attempted political-economic expansion of Europe.
Meanwhile, the EU takes the step, which is not taken for granted for countries with territorial disputes (in Georgia, South Ossetia is de facto controlled by Russia, like Abkhazia, in Moldova, Transnistria is claimed by Chisinau but is in fact a Russian protectorate ) and even ongoing conflicts (the case of Ukraine). But what has claimed to be the Geopolitical Commission since the beginning of its mandate, should make its political decision. «Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia share the strong and legitimate aspiration to join the European Union. Today we are sending them a clear signal of support for their aspirations, even in difficult circumstances ”, says the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. “The next steps are now in the hands of our member states.” An invitation to the Twenty-seven to make their considerations on the case and make the decisions that will become necessary.
Next week the heads of state and government will meet in Brussels for the European Council summit (23 and 24 June), and that will be the moment of truth. Italy, France and Germany embrace the Commission’s line, as shown and confirmed on the occasion of the joint visit to Kiev by Mario Draghi, Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz. Now it will be necessary to convince the other partners, since everything related to the enlargement of the EU, including the recognition of candidate status, requires unanimity.
Olivér Várhelyi, the Neighborhood and Enlargement Commissioner, is aware of the doubts around the table, and therefore tends to make it clear that there will be no preferential treatment. “We expect the Member States to make decisions in the coming days, but our partner countries Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia should already start working on their side to implement the key reforms outlined in our recommendation.” In the case of Ukraine, “it is essential that reforms in Ukraine go hand in hand with reconstruction efforts,” adds von der Leyen. The message is clear. The EU must work together with Kiev to make it possible to redesign the geo-political map and the borders of the European Union.
The challenge to Putin has been launched. Also because countries with candidate status are recognized as stable institutions that guarantee democracy, the rule of law, human rights, and respect for minorities. A clear criticism of today’s Russia.

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