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Ukraine latest news. Prigozhin, Russian regular forces fleeing to Bakhmut

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Zelensky on Saturday 13 in Rome meets Meloni, perhaps the Pope and Mattarella. A massive explosion in Melitopol, Zaporizhzhia region of Ukraine, was reported by exiled mayor Ivan Fedorov, quoted by RBC Ukraine.

Russia: Massive fire in Dzerzhinsky outside Moscow
  • GB, Russia aims at counter-offensive cruise missiles

    Russia likely sees cruise missiles as a key weapon to launch strikes deep into Ukraine and disrupt the planned Ukrainian counter-offensive. This was stated by the UK Ministry of Defense in a new intelligence update on Twitter, as reported by Ukrinform. On the night of May 9, 2023, ships of the Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet fired eight Ss-N-30a Sagaris land-attack cruise missiles (LACM) against Ukraine. This was only the Russian Navy’s second use of LCMs reported since March 9, 2023. “Russia probably temporarily suspended the use of these weapons because it wanted to replenish its reserve stocks. In the near term, Russia likely sees the LCM as key to striking deep into Ukraine and disrupting planned Ukrainian counter-offensives,” the GB report said.

  • Kiev army: «Russian troops exhausted at Bakhmut»

    The defensive operation of the Ukrainian army in Bakhmut “is successful” and the Russian troops “are exhausted and bleeding”. This was stated by Serhiy Cherevaty, spokesman for the eastern group of the armed forces of Ukraine, quoted by Ukrinform. “In the last day alone, 40 clashes occurred here, as a result of which 190 occupants were killed, 244 were injured and another 15 were captured. Three tanks, one infantry fighting vehicle, three Msta-B howitzers and 5 ammunition stores were destroyed. This indicates that our defense operation continues successfully, the enemy is exhausted and bleeding. Wagner missed any deadlines, Bakhmut was not caught,” Cherevaty said. “As a result of successful combat operations in various directions, the enemy was defeated and pushed back at a distance of 250 meters to 1.5 kilometers. Bakhmut is resisting and our defenders are destroying the enemy and pursuing him in places,” he concluded.

  • Medvedev, «World close to the third world war»

    ”The world has moved closer to the third world war”. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev speaking at the 11th International Legal Forum in St. Petersburg. However, the former Russian president underlined that ”there can be no winners” in a similar conflict. Medvedev then pointed the finger at the West. ”They are arming the Ukrainian regime to the teeth and are shouting aggression from Moscow”.

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