Home World Ukraine-Russia: news on the war of June 17, 2022. Putin: “Sanctions harm the West”

Ukraine-Russia: news on the war of June 17, 2022. Putin: “Sanctions harm the West”

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Ukraine-Russia: news on the war of June 17, 2022. Putin: “Sanctions harm the West”

We are on the 115th day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The UK is ready to train thousands of Ukrainian soldiers and Boris Johnson, back in Kiev yesterday, once again showed President Zelensky the other side of the Atlantic Alliance, saying he understands that the warring leader does not want to go down pacts with Putin. On the historic day in which Brussels opened to Ukraine’s candidacy for entry into Europe thanks to the turning point marked yesterday in the summit with the Draghi-Scholz-Marcon trio, the British premier used quite different tones as always. “We will support you until you prevail,” the crucial message to the people attacked by the Russians. The Europeans, for their part, have returned to push on the need not to close the dialogue with Moscow: «It is absolutely essential to talk to Putin. I will continue to do so, just like the French president, ”German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said in an interview with the Dpa, while Angela Merkel did not rule out a mediating role. On the ground, the raids continue with the UN which denounces an “extremely alarming situation in Donbass” and an Sos cholera is triggered in Mariupol. A Russian ship was sunk in the Black Sea and London claims Moscow is short of troops and missiles.

The background – The government is preparing for the gas price cap emergency: Draghi challenges Berlin
The voice of the USA – Biden: “We have to stop Putin or we will have a worse crisis”
The story – Ukrainian war, African famine
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00.20 – Chosen the Ukrainian representative to Miss Universe, she is a volunteer from Chernhiv
Viktoria Apanasenko, a civic volunteer from Chernihiv near Kiev, was chosen to represent Ukraine in the Miss Universe 2022 contest. Euromaidan Press reports. “Viktoria is actively fighting for Ukraine’s victory by cooking food for the armed forces, the elderly and internally displaced people,” reads a statement from the Ukrainian organization Miss Universe.

Here’s what happened on Friday May 17th

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