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Understand the fundamental change for Santos to sign Patrick

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Understand the fundamental change for Santos to sign Patrick

Patrick in action for Atlético-MG (Photo: Pedro Souza / Atlético) Written by Vitor Coelho Palhares, supervised by Fábio Lázaro• Published on 04/16/2024 – 06:00 • Santos (SP)

Santos and Atlético-MG agreed on Monday (15) to sign midfielder Patrick for the Vila Belmiro club. The deal, however, will be permanent and not on loan, as has been discussed since last week, when talks between the clubs began.

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Santos residents will pay 1.5 million dollars (R$ 7.7 million, at current prices) in 12 monthly installments. Information about the business format was initially published by “ge” and confirmed by Lance!.

Even with Patrick being out of Galo’s plans, the Minas Gerais club chose to profit from the operation and not just reduce the payroll.

For Peixe, the change in the negotiation format that had been agreed was good for negotiating a salary value with the midfielder that fits within the ceiling established by the board. The player has already accepted the salary proposal that represents half of what the athlete currently receives at Galo.

Peixe’s idea is that the midfielder costs less than R$1 million per month, including salary, bonuses and purchase installments.

Internally, Santos and Atlético consider the deal closed, but are awaiting bureaucratic details to announce the transfer.

Santos agreed to hire Patrick for the Brasileirão Series B dispute – (Photo: Disclosure/Atlético-MG)

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