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Vålerenga, Lyn | Slaughtered own player after headless expulsion: – There are no “hard feelings”

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Vålerenga, Lyn |  Slaughtered own player after headless expulsion: – There are no “hard feelings”


ULLEVAAL STADION (Nettavisen): The supporters have had to wait 15 years since the last time Lyn and Vålerenga met in a league game, but Saturday’s match was living proof that those who wait for something good do not wait in vain.

A sold-out Ullevaal stadium was bathed in sunshine before the start of the match, and it didn’t take long for the temperature to rise on the pitch as well.

The Vålerenga players cheered uncontrollably when Daniel Håkans put them in the lead after half an hour, but their joy turned to despair a short time later when Mees Rijks was sent off in headless fashion.

Lyn took over the initiative in the match after Vålerenga was reduced to ten men, but only managed to put one ball in the goal behind Magnus Sjøeng.

Thus it ends 1-1 in the first league match between Lyn and Vålerenga in 15 years.

– I really love this club, and just want to say sorry to everyone who came here and watched the game on TV. I take all the blame for us not winning. It is unforgivable, says Rijks to TV 2 after the match.

– It hurts. It’s not easy, but it’s part of the job, explains Rijks to Nettavisen.

ULLEVAAL STADION: Lyn plays against Vålerenga in the series for the first time in 15 years. You can watch the match at Nettavisen.

Vålerenga’s sporting director Joacim Jonsson made headlines after he went down hard on Rijks at half-time, describing it as “completely unforgivable” and “damn stupid”.

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After the match, he announced that he wished he had thought twice before the interview.

– I would have liked to have lowered my pulse a little before the interview, but there are no “hard feelings” between us. I can’t go around regretting everything I say for the rest of my life, says Jonsson to Nettavisen.

– The most important thing is that the relationship with Mees [Rijks] is still okay and that’s it. I don’t care what the rest of Norway thinks, continues the sports manager.

Dream start for VIF

At first it completely took off among the many thousands of Vålerenga supporters behind the Lyn goalkeeper’s goal.

After a tight and even first half hour, Finnish Håkans was played through by Elias Hagen. The former made no mistake when he rounded the goalkeeper and put the ball into the open goal.

– There, Daniel Håkans shows just how toxic he is, says TV 2 commentator Morten Langli.

– Look at these scenes. It’s completely taking off here now, added expert Jesper Mathisen.

– The pass from Elias Hagen is magical, this is what the two are so good at. It cannot be done better, the timing of the pass and the timing of the run. 1–0 to Vålerenga and the Clan is completely on fire.

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Headless expulsion

The match between the two Oslo clubs was the first in a series context in 15 years.

A few minutes later, Mees Rijks picked up his second yellow card and was sent off with a red card for a far too late tackle. The expulsion had both commentators and experts shaking their heads.

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– It is expulsion. After all, it’s completely head over heels for Mees Rijks, when he already has the yellow card, exclaims TV 2’s expert Jesper Mathisen and adds:

– Geir Bakke does not believe what he sees. That suddenly makes this task far more difficult for Vålerenga.

– It’s almost impossible to believe. It is by far the stupidest tackle of the year, right down to the corner flag. What do you stand to gain by doing it there?

Just before the break, Lyn equalized through Andreas Hellum. A weak VIF clearance ended with the striker who thumped the ball into the goal on a full volley.

Vålerenga got the first big chance of the match after just over a quarter of an hour. Rijks was left alone a few meters in front of Lyn’s goal, but a very good footwork by goalkeeper Alexander Pedersen prevented scoring. Soon after, Rijks received his first yellow card.

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Jonsson: – Completely unforgivable

Vålerenga’s sporting manager Joacim Jonsson was anything but happy with his striker when he was interviewed by TV 2 during the break.

– It is completely unforgivable! That’s so damn stupid! There’s nothing to gain from it either… I can’t put into words how stupid it is, Jonsson raged.

– You put your teammates in a hellish position, he explains further.

Rijks tells Nettavisen that he understands Jonsson’s statements, and that he bears no grudge for it.

– He also said it to me personally. He’s just telling the truth, and I’m not mad at him for telling the truth.

Former NRK commentator Arne Scheie has watched the matches between Lyn and Vålerenga since the 50s. He takes us through the history of the match before Saturday’s big game at Ullevål Stadium.

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The sporting director pointed out that Vålerenga had got the game into exactly the track they wanted before the red card.

– We have total control of the game and are ready to win, and the game completely changes in one second. Everything indicated that we were going to win before the red card, so it is very unfavorable for us.

With one more man, Lyn took over the initiative in the match after the break, as Jonsson predicted.

On a couple of different occasions, they were also close to scoring. Hellum’s chance in particular after 73 minutes was great, but the finish from an angle went into the net.

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