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visions for the future from 5G to 6G

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visions for the future from 5G to 6G

Qualcomm, the world leader in wireless technology, has unveiled its innovations for 5G and 6G in view of MWC Barcelona 2024, which will be held from 26 to 29 February. The company showcased new solutions for wireless broadband, Wi-Fi 7 for cars and technology demonstrations for the future of connectivity.

La banda larga wireless con il 5G Fixed Wireless Access Ultra Gen 3

Qualcomm has launched its new 5G Fixed Wireless Access Ultra Gen 3 platform, offering wireless broadband connectivity for homes and businesses. The platform supports both sub-7 GHz and mmWave bands, ensuring optimal coverage and capacity. Additionally, the platform integrates Wi-Fi 7, the next generation of Wi-Fi that offers greater speed, efficiency and security. Thanks to this solution, Qualcomm wants to make 5G a valid alternative to fiber optics, with comparable performance and greater flexibility.

Wi-Fi 7 for cars: a smart and secure connection for connected vehicles

Qualcomm also announced its first Wi-Fi 7 chipset for cars, offering a smart, secure wireless connection for connected vehicles. The chipset supports advanced Wi-Fi 7 features, such as multi-user MIMO, beamforming and OFDMA, which improve connection quality and reliability. Furthermore, the chipset supports Wi-Fi Aware, a technology that allows Wi-Fi devices to communicate with each other without the need for a network, facilitating the exchange of information between vehicles and with the road infrastructure. This can increase traffic safety and efficiency, as well as create new opportunities for location-based services and applications.

Technology demonstrations for 5G Advanced and 6G

Qualcomm also showed off its technology demonstrations for 5G Advanced and 6G, the next evolutions in wireless technology. 5G Advanced will bring new features and improvements to networks and devices. 6G is Qualcomm’s vision for 2030 and beyond, enabling ubiquitous, intelligent connectivity that supports new experiences and applications. Among the technologies demonstrated by Qualcomm, there are Giga-MIMO, a solution that exploits the new frequency bands between 7 and 24 GHz to increase the capacity of networks, and 6G AI, a technology that integrates artificial intelligence into networks and devices, to optimize performance and efficiency.

Le parole di John Smee, Senior Vice President, Engineering, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

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John Smee, Senior Vice President, Engineering, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., commented on the innovations presented by Qualcomm: “Each year at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​as one of the wireless industry’s leading innovators, we are excited to showcase our line-up of cutting-edge technology demonstrations. This year we continue to push the boundaries that will redefine the possibilities of connectivity. From the latest evolution of 5G Advanced to the revolutionary potential of 6G technology, our demonstrations will transport you to a future where seamless connectivity and transformative experiences are the new normal. Whether you visit our booth in Hall 3 Stand 3E10 or explore our virtual showroom, prepare to be amazed by our most advanced wireless R&D prototypes and technology demonstrations. Join us as we shape the future of wireless technology at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona!

We are driving wireless innovations on all fronts. From improving the efficiency of 5G systems in existing sub-7 GHz and mmWave bands to pioneering solutions for 6G, our advanced research is the foundation for what lies ahead“.

Qualcomm will be present at MWC Barcelona from 26 to 29 February 2024, both with a physical stand and with a virtual showroom, where it will be possible to discover all its innovations and its visions for the future of wireless technology.

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