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Vodafone will reschedule some data subscription offers from 15 April

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Vodafone will reschedule some data subscription offers from 15 April

Vodafone announces that the monthly of some offers for data SIM subscriptions from mid-April it will increase by 1.99 euros. The operator, which after the no to Iliad is in negotiations with Swisscom, has not communicated which offers are involved, but has specified that customers affected by the contractual change will be informed with a precise indication on the invoice.

The reason of the unilateral modification of the contract has been the same for some time, that is, the will to “continue to invest in the network and best respond to new traffic needs”, which an operator of Vodafone’s caliber cannot ignore. The “tax” will weigh on renewals after 15 April 2024 while it exists an extra month of time for evaluationswhether it is appropriate to accept the raise or change scenery.

In fact, as the legislation provides for cases like this, the possibility of withdraw from the contract or switch to another operator keeping your number, without penalties or deactivation costs. Clearly, however, if the withdrawal or transfer occurs after the first renewal after April 15, the charge will be under the new conditions, i.e. more expensive by almost 2 euros.

You can exercise the right of withdrawal without penalties or deactivation costs through one of the following mode:

walking his voda.it/disdettalineamobile per fill in the form with your request (found on Mobile network – Fill out the online form) by calling the customer care to 190 by sending a written comunication in which the service for which you wish to exercise the right of withdrawal is clearly indicated with the reason for “modification of the contractual conditions”, you must attach a copy of your identity document; There are two ways: registered mail with return receipt to: Vodafone Customer Service, PO Box 190 – 10015 Ivrea (TO)
PEC a [email protected].

Possible rate residue of devices associated with the offers or the activation cost will continue to be paid with the same frequency and with the same payment method indicated previously, or it is possible to write in the withdrawal notice that you wish to proceed with the payment in a single solution. In the event that the customer has purchased a product through financing with a third-party company, the reimbursement plan will not undergo any change in the event of withdrawal, termination of the line or transfer to another operator.

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