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Washington is reviewing options for nuclear agreement with Iran after failed economic sanctions | Iran News

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The Bloomberg website of the United States revealed that Washington is reviewing its options for reaching a nuclear agreement with Iran and is preparing alternatives to facilitate the agreement. Prior to this, the US government’s plan to pressure Tehran through economic sanctions was unsuccessful.

The Bloomberg website-citing sources to inform informants of the news-reported that Washington is ready to temporarily lift sanctions in exchange for Iran’s freezing of its most provocative actions in the field of nuclear proliferation.

The website quoted insiders in the negotiations emphasized that the United States‘ goal is still to fully restore the terms of the “Joint Comprehensive Action Plan,” although there is no evidence that Tehran is prepared to do so.

The Bloomberg website added that the United States put forward the above-mentioned position after months of negotiations in the Austrian capital Vienna and the failure of the parties to reach an agreement.

Al Jazeera reporter Ahmed Hazem reported that Bloomberg’s report provided the US government with an option to encourage Iran’s participation in the Vienna negotiations, especially after Iran’s new President Lacey took over Iran’s power. Washington believed that the Lacey government would be more effective. Rigid.

The Al Jazeera reporter added that the ongoing review in Washington stems from the fact that the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden has not yet used sanctions as a bargaining chip, while the administration of former U.S. President Donald Trump has Iran imposed sanctions to force Tehran to make concessions, return to the Vienna negotiations, and stop higher-level uranium enrichment activities.

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On the other hand, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Tehran will not abandon the Vienna negotiations and will not accept anything below the “Joint Comprehensive Action Plan.”

Said Khatibzad, a spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that if Washington does not change its policy and continues “Trump’s wrong policy,” the United States will not be able to draw conclusions.

In this context, the Russian representative in Vienna stated that he hopes to resume negotiations in the next few weeks after the Iranians arrange a negotiating team.

A European official has said that negotiations aimed at resuming a nuclear agreement between Iran and major powers may resume in early September, and pointed out that Iran is ready to resume negotiations that have been suspended for several weeks.

Since the beginning of April, Vienna has been holding negotiations and has encountered many complications, especially in Washington’s efforts to include Iran’s missile programs and activities in the region into the scope of the negotiations.

The sixth round of negotiations ended in late June. Tehran said at the time that the delegations had returned to the capital for consultations, while Washington said that major issues had not yet been resolved.

US officials have repeatedly emphasized that the Vienna negotiations cannot continue indefinitely, calling on Iran to take appropriate measures to re-fulfil its commitments in the 2015 agreement in exchange for the lifting of sanctions.

On the other hand, Lacey emphasized the importance of lifting sanctions against his country and welcomed any diplomatic plans to achieve this goal.

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