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We premiere “Azeri Boda”, Adur’s first single

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We premiere “Azeri Boda”, Adur’s first single

El sello from Biscay Stereo Penthouse presents us with his latest signing, the group Adur. The project is based on rave-punk sounds and is made up of Naroa Esturo and Xabier Aguado. Inspired by their cultural roots, their music combines modern sound with Basque folklore. Between energetic melodies and intense sounds they capture the raw essence of the underground scene. Their influences include electronic groups such as Wargasm or Prodigy, to more alternative bands such as Tooth or Nize, both groups from Bizkaia.

At the beginning of 2023 they began to shape several songs with clear ideas, a very marked style and with the firm intention of releasing them in 2024. “Azeri Boda” is the first sample of what Adur is up to. The following video clip has been directed and produced by the same group, with the help of Malen Guerrero as camerawoman.

“Azeri Boda” will be available on all streaming platforms starting tomorrow (March 2nd).

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