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What does Kristina Mandarina look like | Fun

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What does Kristina Mandarina look like |  Fun

Kristina Penava “became famous” at a market in Croatia

Izvor: Instagram/lareina1134

Attractive Croatian Kristina Penava, better known as Kristina Mandarina (24), attracted the attention of the public a few years ago as the most attractive market woman on the streets of Zagreb. For some time now, instead of tangerines, Kristina has been selling her nude photos on an adult platform, which she also posted on her Instagram profile.

In addition to explicit photos, Kristina also sells intimate shots on the site for adults, and her Instagram is full of challenging pictures of her posing in underwear and swimwear.

After her pictures from the market went viral, Krsitina decided to stop selling at the stalls and went for plastic surgery. Now she has “weeks”, but also an unsuccessful attempt to have “cat eyes”, which left her with scars.

See what the former market woman looks like:

Three years ago, Kristina set the domestic public on fire with allegations that she in connection with the Serbian YouTuber Bak Praset, since she published a video from his car on social networks.

“The most scandalous moment this year for me was when people associated me with Grandma Pig, just because of driving in his Lamborghini. It’s crazy, we have nothing to do with each other,” said Kristina at the time.

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