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What is the KPU’s Sirekap? This is the link and its function

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What is the KPU’s Sirekap?  This is the link and its function


The General Election Commission (KPU) created the Sirekap application or electronic recapitulation information system. The KPU uses Sirekap for the election vote counting process. See the explanation of the KPU Sirekap below.

The public may be unfamiliar with the term Sirekap KPU. This is because this vote recapitulation input tool is only used by members of the Voting Organizing Group (KPPS).

What is the KPU’s Sirekap?

According to the official KPU website, Sirekap is an information technology-based application tool as a means of publishing vote count results and the process of recapitulating vote count results as well as a tool to assist in carrying out the recapitulation of election vote count results.



This is as stated in General Election Commission Decree Number 66 of 2024 concerning Technical Guidelines for the Implementation of Voting and Counting Votes in General Elections. Sirekap was created to realize the principles of holding elections in accordance with the law.

Sirekap Mobile and Sirekap Web are tools to maintain the purity of vote results at polling stations (TPS). This is done by recording authentic data on the C.Results document at the TPS.

The KPU created Sirekap to facilitate the recapitulation process in sub-districts, districts/cities, provinces and nationally, as well as to minimize data entry errors. So that information on the results of vote counting at TPS can be immediately presented to the public.

The KPU released the 2024 Election Sirekap application on January 22. The Sirekap Election 2024 application can be downloaded on PlayStore or in a browser which will direct you to the application on PlayStore.

The application can be downloaded on the Play Store by typing ‘Sirekap 2024’ or via the Sirekap 2024 download link in the browser which will direct to the application on the Play Store.

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Apart from the application, the 2024 Election Sirekap can also be accessed via the KPU’s official website. On this site, users can log in directly with the choice of being a KPU or Ad Hoc Body.

KPU Sirekap function

The KPU Sirekap functions as a tool for recapitulating election votes. Apart from that, there are five functions of the KPU Sirekap that you need to know as follows.

  • Read and record Form C results of vote counting at the TPS.
  • Carry out calculations and tabulation of vote acquisition data from election results at each level of vote recapitulation.
  • Sending data on vote results in stages according to the level of vote recapitulation, from KPPS to PPK, from PPK to district/city, from district/city to province.
  • Print certificate forms of vote results at each level of recapitulation.
  • Publish every vote obtained from the election results at each tiered recapitulation level.

Watch the video “KPU continues to test Sirekap as an election aid”
[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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