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Xenia Tchoumi is met with hostility because she has no children

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Xenia Tchoumi is met with hostility because she has no children

Published7. March 2024, 2:00 p.m

Announcement on Tiktok: Xenia doesn’t want children: “People think I have mental problems”

Because Xenia Tchoumi doesn’t want any offspring, she has to endure constant accusations and hostility. Now she’s firing back on Tiktok.


  • Xenia Tchoumi is planning her future without children. She is met with a lack of understanding and always has to justify herself.

  • She is regularly confronted with accusations and hostility and is taught otherwise.

  • Now Xenia Tchoumi speaks out on Tikok and vents her anger.

At some point it’s enough. That’s probably what Xenia Tchoumi thinks when her conscious decision to live child-free is criticized again and met with incomprehension. Now Tchoumi is clearing up prejudices on Tiktok.

«I never wanted children. I’m childless because I want it that way.” Every time she speaks about this topic, she is looked at with wide eyes and immediately judged. “People then think I hate children. This is wrong!” She emphasizes that she consciously decided to live a life without children. The longer she talks about it, the more confident she becomes in her decision.

Xenia Tchoumi is not taken seriously

Many people cannot believe that women choose a childless life. Xenia Tchoumi has to hear “You’ll change your mind” or “You still have time” over and over again. “Time for what?!” she asks rhetorically in her Tiktok video. She finds it very disrespectful that her decision is not accepted in society.

“People think I have mental problems,” Tchoumi continues. Her answer is sharp: “Who doesn’t have one? But that’s definitely not the reason why I don’t want children!”

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Xenia Tchoumi also has to hear regularly that she simply doesn’t have the right partner or that something bad has happened to her. She is also familiar with the saying that she will definitely adopt a lot of cats one day. All nonsense! At the end of her Tiktok video, Xenia Tchoumi emphasizes that it is important to talk about it and accept it. Because freedom of choice should count for everyone.

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