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Adidas starts sale of the Yeezy collection

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Adidas starts sale of the Yeezy collection

One of the buyers is Fabian Arnold. “We buy as many Yeezy as we can,” says the 24-year-old, Co-founder and boss of the sales platform Hypeneedz, specializing in limited sneakers and streetwear. He and his staff have been able to purchase “more than 30 pairs” since yesterday’s resale launch of the Yeezy sale. He also bought around 50 pairs of Yeezys through so-called resellers. “In the beginning the market will be flooded, but in the long run the demand will clearly exceed the supply.” Arnold is convinced: “The prices for Yeezys will continue to rise significantly.” He will gradually sell the coveted shoes on his website and in two of his resell them in three stationary stores – of course not without a margin.

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Especially in the USA Yeezy shoes are in demand. Björn Gulden indirectly confirmed this when he was in early May the results of the first quarter of 2023 presented. Without the “Yeezy effect”, as Gulden called it, Adidas recorded a moderate minus of five percent in the USA. But in reality, i.e. without calculating the Yeezy effect, the minus in the USA was 20 percent. When asked, however, Adidas did not answer the question of how much demand there was in which countries for the Yeezy shoes. A spokeswoman asks for your understanding that the focus is on donations to selected organizations. The reluctance to communicate about the topic gives the impression that everyone at Adidas will be happy when Yeezy is finally history.

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