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Africa: space, Russia increasingly interested in cooperation

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by: Andrea Spinelli Barrile | April 17, 2024

Russia is increasingly interested in active and prolific space cooperation with African countries. According to Russian media, the countries of the African continent and Russia are preparing a large-scale agreement on cooperation in the space sector, and the main areas of interaction will be satellite navigation, remote sensing of the Earth and monitoring of near space.

Last April 12, Russia celebrated World Cosmonautics Day, both in the country and at various events around Africa: Russia is one of the global leaders in space exploration and is expanding its influence in this sector concluding agreements with other countries, especially African ones, which have actively developed their space programs in recent years and also show interest in cooperation with Moscow.

Russia produces satellites for Tunisia: one of these spacecraft has already been put into operation, and another will be launched this year. In the future there is an agreement between Tunis and Moscow, for which five more satellites will be produced. Furthermore, last year Roscosmos, the Russian government’s space agency, reached a cooperation agreement with Zimbabwe in the field of creation and launch of small spacecraft for educational and communication purposes. The parties also discussed prospects for cooperation in the field of remote sensing of the earth from space and personnel training for the space industry.

As part of the creation of a bilateral Russia-Africa regulatory framework in space matters, numerous intergovernmental framework agreements on cooperation in the space field have been signed: with Algeria in 2023, with Angola in 2019 and before that with South Africa, in 2006. At the same time, Moscow is developing cooperation with Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Tanzania.

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