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At least five injured in attacks on Kiev

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At least five injured in attacks on Kiev

Kiev denies Russian military potential for large-scale offensive

According to Ukrainian estimates, the Russian military is currently not in a position to conduct major offensive operations. “Today, Russia does not have the potential, militarily, economically or politically, to launch another attempt at a serious offensive anywhere in Ukraine,” Ukraine’s military intelligence chief Kyrylo Budanov said in an interview published on Yahoo News on Saturday evening (local time). However, Russia is still strong enough to organize the defense of the occupied territories.

“That’s the problem we’re facing right now,” he said, referring to the upcoming Ukrainian counter-offensive. He reiterated Kiev’s goal of recapturing the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia has annexed since 2014, “because our victory is not possible without the liberation of Crimea.”

Budanov also stated that Russia’s missile stocks were nearing the end. Moscow has stockpiled some missiles to respond to Ukraine’s offensive, “but the truth is that they have reduced their stockpiles to almost zero,” he said. The statements cannot be verified independently. According to the editors, the interview that has now been published took place on April 24th. Since then, there have been several Russian rocket attacks on Ukrainian cities – but not to the same extent as in autumn and winter, when Moscow tried to paralyze the neighboring country’s energy grid.

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