Home Business Banca Ifis: net profit grows by 50% to 72.5 million in the first half

Banca Ifis: net profit grows by 50% to 72.5 million in the first half

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Banca Ifis communicated the accounts for the first half of 2022 which see net profit grow by 50% to 72.5 million euros, “a result mainly driven by the performance on revenues which in the first half of 2022 recorded an increase of 12% compared to same period of the previous year “. The brokerage margin showed an increase of 11.6% to 324 million euros (290.4 million euros at 30.06.2021) and benefits from higher revenues in the NPL sector, equal to 135 million (+ 9.5% compared to as at 30.06.2021) and in the Commercial & Corporate Banking sector, equal to 142.2 million euros (+ 1.6% compared to 30.06.2021).

The bank then reported that collections from the NPL business are on the rise, thanks to the greater efficiency of the credit recovery activity and the quality of the portfolio, due to the prudential approach in the purchase of NPL portfolios in recent years.

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