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Barbie, heavy and too feminist: Business goes to the cinema. The review

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Barbie, heavy and too feminist: Business goes to the cinema.  The review

The Barbie film is too feminist, even for a woman: the review of Business

As I sat in the room I often wondered if I was a “true” fan of Barbie. I loved all that pink, I loved all that world so perfect and plasticoso – Barbieland -, I adored Margot Robbie -, not too young but perfect in the leading role -, yet I struggled to fully enjoy the filmlong awaited, on mine doll favorite. I’m sure that after this review all the cheerful blonde brigade that still peeps at me – after 30 years – from the glass cabinet of my childhood bedroom will never look at me as before. Maybe alone Ken. Because – this is perhaps the real revolution of the film – Barbie’s eternal boyfriend, born to be just an accessory to show off (in reality and in the film) shows aunprecedented empathy, although he ends up discovering (or becoming?) an inveterate male chauvinist. But let’s start from the beginning.

Its valley launch trailer of the film, in December 2022, the most famous doll on the planet is presented as the incipit of Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Capable of revolutionizing, since the dawn of time, the collective imagination of little girls who, thanks to her, can play at becoming donne besides mothers. With this premise (and promise) the film also opens, which soon becomes a riot of pink.

Margot Robbie

A Barbieland all the invented Barbies coexist peacefully, supporting each other and greeting each other with a generic “Hello Barbie!”. Among the various Barbie President, doctor, garbage collector, astronaut, journalist,

Cinema, box office: over 18 million euros for Barbie in Italy

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Barbie continues her unstoppable run at the Italian box office. In the second weekend after its release, it made 5,431,001 euros in collections, with an average per print of 11,338 and a total that rises to 18,153,546 euros: it will soon be overtaken by Super Mario Bros. – The film (20,393,087), at currently the third most successful title in our country since the reopenings of 2021. Doubts about the stability of the Mattel film have also been dispelled in the States where Barbie collected over 90 million dollars in the last weekend, bringing her domestic result to 350 million dollars and the global one at 774 million dollars.

Nobel Prize winner, she’s there, there Barbie Stereotypeplayed by the very good Margot Robbie. So far, so good. But suddenly i also start to appear Kenclearly outnumbered by Barbies, who seem to exist only for their function – “I exist only if Barbie looks at me” (this is how Ken interpreted by Ryan Gosling). However, it soon turns out that Ken doesn’t have a home, he doesn’t do any work other than being on the “beach” – which we don’t quite know what it is – and he’s all smiles, muscles, beer and fights. An image enough demeaning for the male universewhich initially also causes a few laughs, but ends up tiring in the long run.

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