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Basilicata, there is Chiorazzo. M5s alone in Piedmont. The wide field does not exist

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Basilicata, there is Chiorazzo.  M5s alone in Piedmont.  The wide field does not exist

Regional elections, the broad field no longer exists: rupture in Piedmont and Basilicata

The wide field no longer exists. At the end of a Saturday of long knives, alliances between each other are wrecked everywhere Democratic Party and Five Star Movement. The first step came from Basilicata, where the chosen Domenico Lacerenza he chose to take a step back. Immediately afterwards came the official descent into the field Angelo Chiorazzowho is running with Basilicata common house and other civic lists. This was announced by the entrepreneur himself from Senise (Potenza) in a long post in which he explains that “to sow we need to turn the page. For this reason, we have decided, together with Basilicata Casa Comune, to stand as a candidate to represent this movement of the people. Together with us we there will be other civic lists and those who want to embrace this project”.

Meanwhile, support for Vito Bardi, with Matteo Renzi and Italia viva who supports the outgoing centre-right governor. The M5s does not now rule out a solo race, which indeed becomes probable given the climate of suspicion and almost hatred that seems to run between the two souls that were supposed to make up the wide field also at a national level.

Pay attention to what happens instead Piedmontdove the Democratic Party chose Gianna Pentemero (current councilor for labor of the municipality of Turin) thanks to the step back of Daniele Valle, close to Stefano Bonaccini, and of Chiara Gribaudo, a name close to the national secretariat. But the choice once again puts the dialogue with Giuseppe Conte’s party in crisis. In a note, the local leaders of the M5s they say they have “noticed the change in method” of the Democratic Party and announce the presentation in the next few days “of the program and of one of their candidates” to line up against Alberto Cirio, the outgoing president sponsored by the entire centre-right.

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Corriere della Sera explains that “in the Nazarene there are also those who throw water on the fire: disagreements between local mini caciques”, but the feeling is that Todde’s victory in Sardinia may be destined to remain a flash in the pan, at least under the profile of a programmatic alliance. Barring last second negotiations and agreements.

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