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B&B Owner Shocked as Platform Raises Room Rate for National Day: Price Inflation Concerns During Peak Travel Period

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B&B Owner Shocked as Platform Raises Room Rate for National Day: Price Inflation Concerns During Peak Travel Period

Title: Market Regulatory Authorities Warn Businesses to Strengthen Price Self-Discipline During Upcoming Peak Travel Periods

Recently in Lishui, Zhejiang, a bed and breakfast (B&B) owner was shocked to find out that the price of her rooms had been unexpectedly adjusted to a much higher rate for the upcoming National Day holiday. The room, originally priced at 680 yuan per day, was suddenly listed at a special price of 2,780 yuan without the owner’s knowledge. Fearing that customers would perceive this as price gouging, the owner promptly removed her property from the platform.

With the approaching Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, market regulatory authorities across the country are encouraging businesses to adhere to fair pricing practices and protect consumers’ rights. The holidays are expected to bring a surge in travel, making it crucial for businesses to maintain integrity and avoid disrupting the market price order.

In Zhoushan, Zhejiang, the local authorities emphasized the importance of following the regulations by reminding all relevant operators in the tourism industry to adhere to transparent pricing practices. They are required to clearly mark prices, avoid additional charges beyond the marked price, and not use vague language for frequently changing prices. Hotel and B&B operators were specifically warned against engaging in price fraud, such as malicious chargebacks or arbitrarily raising prices.

Similarly, Wuhan, a popular city for holiday tourism, urged relevant operators to set prices reasonably based on operating costs and supply and demand relationships. They were advised not to take advantage of the festive season to drive up prices in order to maximize profits. Tourist attractions were encouraged to publicize ticket prices, related service prices, and discounts for specific groups in highly visible areas. The aim was to guide catering companies in scenic spots to set reasonable prices and avoid unfair practices.

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In Xiamen, the authorities warned operators in the tourism market to be cautious in their pricing strategies. They emphasized that businesses must set prices based on production and operation costs, while also considering social responsibilities and maintaining fair pricing practices. Operators were strictly instructed to mark prices according to regulations and avoid using deceptive pricing methods such as “seasonal prices.” False discounts, price comparisons, or misleading promotional tactics were strictly prohibited.

Similarly, Nanjing, another renowned tourist city, advised hotel, restaurant, and hotel operators to strengthen price management and refrain from using pricing methods that infringe upon consumer rights or disrupt market price order. Operators were reminded to display guest room prices and related charges prominently and clearly mark all prices according to regulations. False discounts, price reductions, or manipulative practices were strictly prohibited.

Market supervision departments in various other cities, including Nantong, Dezhou, Bengbu, and Qujing, also issued reminders and warnings to ensure businesses uphold fair pricing practices and protect consumers’ rights.

As the peak travel periods approach, it is crucial for businesses in the tourism industry to prioritize consumer interests, maintain transparency in pricing, and avoid deceptive practices that could harm the integrity of the market.

(Note: This article is a fictional news article created with the provided content.)

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