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Beijing sends “start-up blessing bags” to small and medium-sized enterprises – Enterprises – China Engineering Network

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75 Exclusive Discount Service Products Offered to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Beijing

Small and medium-sized enterprises in Beijing are being offered a unique opportunity to access exclusive discount service products through the “Start-up Lucky Bag” event. This initiative, launched by the Beijing Small and Medium Enterprises Public Service Platform in collaboration with service providers across various professional fields, aims to support local businesses in reducing operating costs and enhancing their innovation capabilities.

The event, which offers 75 discounted service products across six categories including industrial and commercial finance and taxation, human resources, intellectual property, software services, technological innovation, and testing and inspection, has already garnered the attention of over 100,000 participants since its launch. Small and medium-sized enterprises interested in taking advantage of these exclusive discounts have until March 15 to make their selections through the “Beijing Tongqi Service Edition” mobile app.

Among the service providers participating in the event is Changjietong Company, which is offering digital and intelligent financial software to help enterprises identify profit points more accurately and reduce costs. JD.com is also extending a year-round subsidy of 1,500 yuan to small and medium-sized enterprises, along with personalized purchasing butler services for office supplies and other commodities.

In addition to providing discounted service products, the “Start-up Lucky Bag” event serves as a platform for fostering effective connections between technological innovation and market resources. By offering tailored services to support small and medium-sized enterprises, the event aims to enhance the overall innovation capabilities and levels of these businesses in Beijing.

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Looking ahead, the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau is committed to further improving the business environment for small and medium-sized enterprises. With a focus on implementing policies that benefit enterprises and promoting financial support and innovation initiatives, the city aims to drive the transformation, upgrading, and high-quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Through initiatives like “Yiqijingcai·Park Tour,” the city is working towards creating a vibrant ecosystem where small and medium-sized enterprises can thrive and contribute to the local economy.

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