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Biden in Poland: “Putin is a dictator, he cannot remain in power. The battle for freedom will be long and painful “

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Biden in Poland: “Putin is a dictator, he cannot remain in power.  The battle for freedom will be long and painful “

This battle will not be won in days or months. We must prepare for a long, long and painful battle ”. Thus the American president Biden in his speech at the royal castle in Warsaw, Poland. “Do not be afraid,” said the American president, quoting the Polish Pope. “His words that changed the world,” Biden added, speaking in a landmark place. The castle was in fact destroyed by the Nazis in 1944 and only in recent years has it been entirely rebuilt.

«Russia has strangled democracy», continued the American president, «criminals have always wanted to create the destruction of democracy with their systems, the Alliance has never tried to fight Russia. In this crisis, the United States and NATO have worked together to avoid war, we have talked for a long time with Russia but Putin has rejected every proposal, bringing lies at all times ». “Putin kept telling us that he didn’t want to invade Ukraine, he instead did it, to satisfy his greed and his desire for power.”
Biden harshly attacked the Kremlin leader: «He wants to bring us back to the world war, there is no justification for the choice of the war he unleashed. But the gravity of this threat was the reason for our union, we united in the West by putting pressure and sanctions, now Russia is isolated from the international banking system, we have paralyzed the Moscow economy and seized the oligarchs’ assets. Russia wanted less NATO presence, now it has a massive presence on its borders ».

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“The people of Ukraine will be able to count on the United States“, the president underlined, “today I announced that we will give shelter to 100,000 refugees, we will provide tens of thousands of tons of food, water, medicines and we will give over a billion dollars in aid. humanitarians. The efforts to help Mariupol are in vain, the city is besieged but we are doing what we can ».

Biden then addressed the Russian people directly: «You are not our enemy, I refuse to think that you can accept these massacres, the supplies that are cut to starve the Ukrainians. Of all peoples, you Russians remember having been in similar situations in the world war. Putin’s government has brought you back to the 19th century, this is not your future. This war is not worthy of you, great Russian people. We must fight the corruption of the Kremlin and restore dignity to the Russian people ”.

“Let us remain united, it will be a long battle: it will not be easy, there will be costs but we must be ready”, concluded the president, who at the end of his speech returned to quote Pope John Paul the Second. “Never lose hope, never get discouraged. Do not be afraid. A dictator wants to rebuild an empire but he will never erase the people’s love of freedom, Ukraine will never give in to Russia or live in darkness. This man cannot remain in power. May God defend freedom and our troops ».

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