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Blueenergy transforms the roof of the Udinese stadium into a Solar Farm

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Blueenergy transforms the roof of the Udinese stadium into a Solar Farm

The owned stadium, of which there are only three in Italy, and a sponsor that operates in the world of energy have made the creation of a super green project possible. Thus the roof of the Udinese Calcio stadium is preparing to become a “solar farm” thanks to the application of solar panels, a notable opportunity that the team’s sponsor, Bluenergy, did not miss.

Udinese calcio aims for the total elimination of emissions

And therefore over 2,400 panels will be applied to the roof of the Friulian stadium which will allow the production of an average of around 3 thousand kilowatts per day, making the structure, at least partially, self-sufficient in energy terms. In reality the system, during the matches, consumes 11 thousand kilowatts and therefore the waste delta is still large even if the energy consumed is already produced from renewable sources.

Bluenergy, partner of the club since 2018, already supplies the Juventus club with energy coming exclusively from renewable sources. This has made it possible, to date, to save 5,620 tonnes of CO2. A result that brings the Udinese football stadium closer to the implementation of an energy transition path that aims at the total elimination of emissions.

Next step: the creation of an energy community

The new project was able to count on the support of the Polytechnic of Milan as energy advisor. The stadium should become the fulcrum of an energy community given that, when fully operational, the total energy production should reach and exceed 1 million kW per year, even if at the moment the opportunity has not been taken into consideration due to bureaucratic difficulties .

The 1 million kW per year plant will come into operation from October

The solar system, which is expected to come into operation by next October, will be a further step in the commitment to sustainability that has guided Udinese Calcio in every decision regarding the new stadium. In fact, despite the greater costs, the club wanted the construction to take place in the location occupied by the previous facility, so as not to consume further land.

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The decision to create a structure that can be used every day of the week, not just for football matches, must be considered in the same direction. The meeting center, the company headquarters, offices of companies and institutions and shops are already present inside while in the future the opening of a museum, a wellness center and areas dedicated to families is planned.

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