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Budget Law, 800 million more against the expensive bills. Tensions over the solidarity contribution

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The allocation against the expensive bills in the maneuver will rise by around 800 million in all: this is what government sources are learning. The resources will come for about 500 million from the “treasury” of the Irpef and Irap reform for 2022 and for about 300 million from other funds raised in the budget and not fully utilized. In all, therefore, for the first quarter of next year there will be a 2.8 billion intervention.

The decision after the skipped agreement in the Council of Ministers on the solidarity contribution proposed by Prime Minister Mario Draghi in the control room. The government had, in fact, proposed a solidarity contribution for incomes over 75 thousand euros to sterilize, at least in part, the increases in the cost of energy bills. An operation that could be financed with the sterilization – for one or two years – of the personal income tax cut for incomes over 75 thousand euros. The cut envisaged by the government of 247 euros a year for a total cost of 250-270 million euros. It will not be so.

«The family is an essential collective good, it can and must be protected by the state. Since the 1980s, however, public spending on families has been steadily lower than in other EU countries such as France, Germany, the United Kingdom ”. Prime Minister Mario Draghi said this in his speech at the national conference on the family, underlining that “public policies must be used to remove obstacles to the choice of forming a family and enabling couples to have children if they wish”.

More: «Help for families also includes support for working women. With the budget law, we have finally made mandatory paternity leave structural. It is an important step in the direction of a more balanced sharing of care burdens ». Draghi then recalled that “with the NRP we add 264,000 new places in infant-toddler centers and preschools, an increase of over 70%, we renovate or adapt at least a thousand buildings to expand the full-time offer with canteen service. We build or upgrade 230 thousand square meters for gyms. We have also introduced a specific tax deduction to support the income of workers who become mothers. Because we want to encourage women not to give up work after maternity ».

An approach confirmed with the introduction of the single check “a simple tool, universal for all families regardless of their working conditions, a fair tool because it supports those with a low income more intensely”.

Meanwhile, in the morning, the premier met the majority leaders in the control room to prepare the council of ministers that will launch the tax cut financed by the 8 billion allocated in the budget law.


The tax reform insists on the middle class with progressive benefits for incomes of up to 50 thousand euros which gradually disappear to 75 thousand euros. Just as Renzi had cut income taxes up to 25 thousand with the famous 80 euros, Draghi repeats the scheme – however, intervening on the reshaping of the rates – trying to give oxygen to the middle class.

The lowest rate remains, therefore, at 23% up to 15 thousand euros, while the second – that which concerns the bracket between 15 and 28 thousand euros – drops from 27 to 25%. Cuts also at the third rate which goes from 38 to 35%, but only for incomes up to 50 thousand euros. Beyond the ceiling of 50 thousand euros, the tax rises directly to 43%: therefore, the 41% rate, which encompasses incomes between 55 and 75 thousand euros, disappears.

Consequently, the greatest benefits are concentrated in the range between 40 and 50 thousand euros. The positive effects, however, will also be seen for the lower income brackets.

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