Home Business BYD Seal pre-sale has exceeded 20,000 units, can it challenge Tesla Model 3? – IT and traffic

BYD Seal pre-sale has exceeded 20,000 units, can it challenge Tesla Model 3? – IT and traffic

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BYD Seal pre-sale has exceeded 20,000 units, can it challenge Tesla Model 3? – IT and traffic

Car stuff news on May 25,A few days ago, BYD released the new model BYD Seal. As of 22:00 on the day of the press conference, the pre-sale order of BYD Seal reached 22,637 units within 6 hours, and the sales were extremely hot.It is reported that BYD plans to produce 60,000 SEAL models a year, which means that SEAL’s orders have reached 1/3 of its planned annual output.


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▲BYD seals

Seal has launched a total of four versions, with a pre-sale price range of 212,800 to 289,800 yuan, while the Tesla Model 3 rear-wheel drive version is priced at 279,900 yuan, while the dual-motor all-wheel drive Model 3 high-performance version is priced at 367,900 yuan.

Judging from the price range of more than 200,000 to 300,000 yuan, the seal is basically aimed at its competitor Tesla Model 3.

According to foreign media Teslarati, BYD plans to produce a right-hand drive version of the Seal model as the start of the Seal model entering the global market. It is reported that BYD has confirmed that the seal model will be sold in the Australian market as the BYD Atto 4.

Judging from the hot pre-sale of the seal model in China, BYD is well recognized in the new energy market. After this car is launched overseas, it may become a business card for BYD to increase its popularity.

1. Equipped with CTB and other heavy technologies, the fastest acceleration is 3.8 seconds

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The reason why the pre-sale of BYD seals is so popular is closely related to the latest technology it carries.

At SEAL’s pre-sale press conference, Cell to Body (CTB) technology became a highlight of SEAL’s new car. The so-called CTB, in simple terms, is to deeply integrate the “blade battery” into the vehicle structure. The upper cover of the battery pack is integrated with the traditional structure of the body floor to form a vehicle sandwich structure of the upper cover, “blade battery” and tray.

▲BYD seal adopts CTB technology

Then the use of this structure can make the shape of the whole vehicle lower, so the wind resistance of the seal is also as low as 0.219cd; in addition, the utilization rate of space will be higher, which allows the seal to use the front asynchronous motor + rear synchronous motor. The four-wheel drive architecture, of which the four-wheel drive model has a zero-to-100 acceleration of 3.8 seconds, with a strong sense of movement.

Moreover, another advantage of this technology is that it can reduce the number of components, thereby increasing the number of cells, which is also conducive to improving the cruising range of the vehicle.

In fact, BYD’s CTB is essentially the same technology as Ningde era and Tesla’s CTC. Tesla and BYD are doing it, which also shows the prospect of this technology. As the first model equipped with CTB, Seals naturally also showed how important they were.

In addition, the standard battery life version is equipped with a 61.4-degree lithium iron phosphate blade battery, while the long-range rear-drive and four-wheel-drive versions are equipped with an 82.5-degree power battery. The cruising range of the new car under CLTC conditions is 550 kilometers, 650 kilometers, and 700 kilometers respectively.

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In terms of intelligence, the seal has also reached the L2+ level of autonomous driving capabilities, and the entire system is equipped with ACC adaptive cruise, lane keeping and other functions as standard; it is also equipped with W-HUD head-up display and other functions.

2. BYD’s sales of the first in April have stopped the production of fuel vehicles

In fact, the high pre-sale sales of the seals are also related to BYD’s recognition in the new energy market.

Some time ago, the China Passenger Transport Association announced the April production and sales report, and BYD continued to maintain its position as the number one manufacturer of new energy vehicles in China.

▲Vendor ranking in April 2022

In terms of the new energy list, BYD’s monthly sales in April was 105,000 units, winning the championship of the manufacturer’s sales list in April; at the same time, BYD’s cumulative sales from January to April also reached 387,000 units, also winning It became the champion of sales of new energy manufacturers from January to April.

On the other hand, in the March production and sales report released by BYD in April this year, the data showed that the production of BYD fuel vehicles in March was 0. At the same time, BYD announced that it has stopped the production of fuel vehicles since March this year, focusing on pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Under the wave of electrification, BYD has become the first traditional car company in China to stop production of fuel vehicles, which is of great significance. This means that electrification is unstoppable, and at the same time, more traditional car companies have the confidence to quickly move towards the electrification era.

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Conclusion: Seals may become BYD’s next trump card

From the perspective of sales, BYD has firmly won its own position in the current new energy vehicle market.

However, if you look closely, you will find that BYD’s main sales are contributed by mid-to-low-end cars priced at around 100,000 to 150,000; and unlike other car companies, BYD has taken a multi-line approach to quickly seize the market. ——There are more than a dozen or 20 kinds of models currently on sale.

Previously, BYD has not been able to launch a model that is very popular in the global market like Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.

From the perspective of BYD Seal, its price, positioning, and BYD’s latest CTB and other new technologies, this car may become BYD’s ace explosion.

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