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Canton Fair Observation: From consumer goods to capital goods, “Made in China” creates new advantages-China News

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“Made in China” products are creating new advantages at the ongoing 135th Canton Fair in Guangzhou, with a focus on both consumer goods and capital goods. The fair, which serves as a window for China’s trade relations with the world, has seen a significant increase in overseas buyers, indicating the continued appeal of Chinese products despite global economic challenges.

The General Administration of Customs of China recently revealed that the country’s total import and export value of goods trade in the first quarter of this year has increased by 5% year-on-year, showcasing the resilience of China’s foreign trade sector. At the Canton Fair, high-end machinery, intelligent equipment, and aerospace technology have been drawing the attention of international buyers, highlighting the country’s innovative and competitive edge in various industries.

Companies like Zhejiang Jinaolan Machine Tool Co., Ltd. are showcasing advanced technologies that streamline production processes and reduce the need for manual labor. High-precision machinery, such as the press exhibited by the company, is paving the way for automated and unmanned production systems, revolutionizing the manufacturing sector.

In addition to consumer goods like furniture and home appliances, the Canton Fair is also witnessing a surge in the display of capital goods and intermediate products. Demonstrations of intelligent handling AGVs and fuel-electric hybrid drones by companies like Anhui Hefei Jingsong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Zhilian Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. are showcasing the cutting-edge technologies that China has to offer.

One of the buyers at the fair, Nigerian trader Mohammed Abdullahi, expressed his interest in purchasing machinery and equipment to improve industrial and agricultural productivity back in Nigeria. He emphasized the high quality and cost-effectiveness of Chinese products, which play a crucial role in enhancing manufacturing capabilities in his country.

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With a focus on innovation and technological advancements, Chinese manufacturers are leveraging the platform of the Canton Fair to showcase their capabilities and strengthen their presence in the global market. The event underscores the country’s dedication to driving progress and excellence in various sectors, from consumer goods to advanced machinery.

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