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Guofeng Technology Empowers China’s “Big Home Furnishings” to Seize the “New Blue Ocean” of Foreign Trade at Canton Fair

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Title: Guofeng Technology‘s “Big Home Furnishings” Capture New Opportunities in Foreign Trade at Canton Fair

Author: Zhang Lu

Guangzhou, October 27th – The second phase of the 134th China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, showcased the power of Chinese culture and technology as it empowered the country’s “Big Home Furnishings” industry to seize new opportunities in foreign trade. Innovative products with a strong Chinese influence garnered attention from overseas buyers, establishing a “new blue ocean” for China’s foreign trade.

The second phase of the Canton Fair, which focused on household products, decorations, building materials, and furniture, attracted a record-breaking 9,674 companies to participate in the exhibition. Among these companies, Guofeng Technology stood out with its specialization in candles, indoor aromatherapy, electronic aromatherapy, kitchen wood products, and other home accessories. With nearly 100 Chinese patents to their name, Guofeng Technology has become a globally recognized enterprise group. Reflecting the empowerment of Chinese culture and technological innovation, their products are currently exported to 101 countries and regions.

One of their world-class brand products, Zhuan Fragrance, has become an international sensation. Created by Dalent Group, Zhuan Fragrance focuses on research and development and the application of new green materials such as soy wax, coconut wax, palm wax, and shea butter. The product design is deeply influenced by Chinese culture while also incorporating elements of Western culture. It has received numerous international fashion home and Canton Fair design awards.

Wang Lixin, the chairman of Dalent Group, shared that the company established factories in Thailand and Poland to serve the global and European markets, respectively. With positive feedback from this year’s Canton Fair and impressive order numbers, Dalent Group plans to focus on resource allocation in countries with long-term development and fast-track their strategic overseas expansion.

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Another company making waves at the Canton Fair is Guangdong Huayi Sanitary Ware Industrial Co., Ltd., one of China’s top ten faucet industry brands. With the European and American markets saturated, Huayi is turning its attention to the “new blue ocean” countries involved in the “Belt and Road” initiative. Their innovative voice-controlled faucet products, showcasing high-tech and intelligent “Made in China” technology, received praise from overseas buyers.

Pan Quanfu, the vice president of Huayi, stated that they have engaged in negotiations with merchants from Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and other countries. By expanding their presence in “Belt and Road” countries and implementing a globalization strategy, Huayi aims to tap into new markets.

Guangdong Sitong Group Co., Ltd. also stole the spotlight at the Canton Fair with their full Chinese-style household ceramic products. Incorporating traditional and modern elements of Chinese culture, Sitong’s craft ceramic products were widely acclaimed by customers. The company has already penetrated over 90 countries and regions, and this year’s fair brought in many new potential buyers, particularly from “Belt and Road” countries.

Xu Yajie, the sales manager of Sitong Ceramics, expressed optimism, stating, “The increased number of purchasers from countries involved in the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative indicates growing demand for Chinese ceramic craft products. We are excited about the potential in the ‘new blue ocean’ of the home furnishing field.”

The Canton Fair continues to be a platform for Chinese companies to showcase their products and explore new international markets. With the combination of Chinese culture and technological innovation, companies like Guofeng Technology, Huayi, and Sitong Group are seizing opportunities and driving growth in China’s foreign trade.

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