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China Announces Pilot Demonstration of Intelligent Manufacturing in 2023

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Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to Organize Pilot Demonstration of Intelligent Manufacturing in 2023

In an effort to promote the development of smart manufacturing in China, five departments, including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, have jointly issued a notice to organize a pilot demonstration of intelligent manufacturing in 2023.

The pilot demonstration aims to select a batch of excellent smart manufacturing scenarios, establish a number of smart manufacturing demonstration factories, and create smart supply chains. The selection process will involve unveiling a list of smart manufacturing demonstration factories and selecting pioneer companies from various industries to drive the high-quality development of smart manufacturing.

The task of unveiling the list of smart manufacturing demonstration factories will focus on four major industries: raw materials, equipment, consumer goods, and electronic information. The construction of smart factories will need to cover at least eight key links, while smart supply chain construction will be based on the content of smart factory construction and cover at least one link related to the supply chain.

The notice emphasizes that applicants should be at the forefront of intelligent manufacturing in the country. Their intelligent manufacturing capabilities should have a strong demonstration and leading role, and they should use key technical equipment and industrial software that are safe and controllable. It is also required that the solutions proposed have no intellectual property disputes. To be eligible, the smart manufacturing demonstration factory applicants must conduct self-assessments of their maturity in smart manufacturing capabilities and meet the national standard GB/T 39116-2020 “Smart Manufacturing Capability Maturity Model” Level 2 or above, or meet the requirements of relevant industry smart manufacturing guidance documents.

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Furthermore, the notice encourages enterprises to promote the decoupling and reconstruction of the entire product life cycle, manufacturing process, and business operations chain. By doing so, they can explore new scenarios for intelligent production, new forms of enterprise management, and new models of industrial organization.

The pilot demonstration of intelligent manufacturing in 2023 is a significant step towards advancing China’s smart manufacturing capabilities and driving technological innovation across industries. By selecting and showcasing exemplary smart manufacturing scenarios, factories, and supply chains, the country aims to inspire other companies to adopt similar practices and contribute to the overall growth of the smart manufacturing sector.

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