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China’s Three-Year Action Plan to Boost Rural Commerce and Manufacturing

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Nine departments, including the Ministry of Commerce, have jointly issued a notice on the “Three-Year Action Plan for County Area Commerce (2023-2025)”, as reported by the Securities Times. The plan aims to boost the launch of high-quality products and leverage the potential of big data on e-commerce platforms. It also emphasizes the analysis and lawful application of consumption data, guiding manufacturers to produce and release marketable goods for rural markets.

The notice also highlights ongoing support for the distribution of new energy vehicles, green smart home appliances, green building materials, and furniture and home improvement products to rural areas. Efforts will be made to accelerate the construction of charging and swapping facilities in rural regions and improve the after-sales recycling service network.

One of the goals of the plan is to promote the upgrading of rural bulk commodity consumption. To achieve this, the formation of county-level retailer procurement alliances will be encouraged. These alliances will centrally purchase products from manufacturers and brand suppliers, addressing challenges related to scattered purchasing channels and the weak bargaining power of small and medium-sized enterprises. The aim is to enhance product quality and reduce procurement costs.

To maintain transparency and accuracy, it is important to note that the Securities Times disclaimer states that the information provided in the article is for reference only and does not serve as substantive investment advice. Readers are advised to make decisions at their own risk.

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Disclaimer: The Securities Times strives for truthful and accurate information, and the content mentioned in the article is for reference only and does not constitute substantive investment advice, so operate at your own risk.

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